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Why You Should Do A Trek America Trip NOW

September 15, 2019

Why You Should Do A Trek America Trip NOW

September 15, 2019

If you’ve been following me for a couple of months you will already know that I recently came back from a Trek America trip across the East Coast and Deep South. From Washington and Philidelphia to Nashville and New Orleans, it’s definitely a trip I’ll never forget.

As I had such an incredible time with Trek America that I wanted to share all of the amazing reasons you should be booking a trip with them RIGHT NOW.

It’s Great Value For Money

Although it may seem as though a Trek America trip is quite pricy, you’re actually getting a hell of a lot for your money.

Depending on the tour you choose to do you will get all of your accommodation, your transport, a number of included activities and an incredible tour guide included. If you’re on a camping tour, you pay an extra $10 a night food kitty and that includes most of your food.

I did the Atlantic Dream tour which included a lot of cities, so I ended up spending quite a lot of money whilst we were out and about. Having spoken to people who have done different tours, however, you definitely don’t need a huge amount of spending money.

Flights are separate, however, the lovely Trek America team will help ensure you find the best deal.


It’s A Great Way To See Lots Of Places At Once

If you want to visit America (or their other incredible destinations) but you don’t want to stay in one place, a Trek America tour is a great way to ensure you’re seeing multiple destinations at once. Whether you go cross country or you explore a specific region in detail, no two days are the same. 

There Are So Many Different Routes To Choose From

It was so so so difficult choosing the tour I wanted to go on simply because there were so many incredible routes to choose from. From East Coast adventures to West Coast National Parks, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect trip for you. And the one after that, and the one after that…

You Can Learn New Skills

Although I had been camping before, I think my camping skills definitely improved a little whilst I was on my Trek America trip. Whether it was mastering how to cook a bagel on a gas cooker or taking my tent down in the pouring rain, I definitely left feeling a little more camping-savvy.

Whilst they won’t be skills you’ll be using ALL the time, they will come in handy eventually. Like when you book your next Trek America trip, right?

There Is Safety By Numbers

One of the things I worry about most when travelling is whether or not I’m going to be safe. Whilst I don’t necessarily visit places that are considered dangerous, you never know what can happen on a trip.

Booking a group trip, especially to a country you haven’t visited before, is a great way to ensure you have safety in numbers. Although you won’t be with your group the ENTIRE trip, you’ll always have people to fall back on if you need them.

There Are Lots Fun Times On The Road (With Plenty Of Rest Stops)

Although you do spend a lot of time on the road, it can be just as fun as the time you spend exploring the new and exciting destinations you’re visiting. Whether it’s karaoke singalongs or stocking up on snacks and a Big Gulp from the gas station, the time you spend on the road is the when you will get to know the people you’re travelling with the best. As the trip progresses, van time will also be valuable sleep time.

There Are Included As Well As Optional Activities

When you book your trip there will be certain activities that are included in your tour. For us, that was a bike tour in Washington DC, a swamp tour in New Orleans and line dancing in Nashville. Our tour leader, Jody, also organised some amazing tours for us to do along the way including the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and the Sun Studios in Memphis.

On our free days, there were plenty of opportunities to take part in optional activities too. Whether it was the Country Music Hall Of Fame of an open-top bus tour of New Orleans, we were free to do the activities that suited us best.

You Get To Meet New People

One of the best things about Trek America is that you get to travel with some incredible people. Whilst you can’t guarantee you’re going to get along with everyone on your trip, the success stories definitely outweigh the negatives.

My group were incredible and we all got along perfectly, so much so we still keep in touch now.

You Will Make Unforgettable Memories

Finally, I have so many incredible memories from my trip and I know they’re going to be things I remember for the rest of my life. From line-dancing in Nashville to drinking hand grenades in New Orleans, I have hundreds to thousands of memories I will treasure forever.

Have you ever done a Trek America trip before? 


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