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What Would I do if I Spent a Weekend in Liverpool?

June 14, 2017

What Would I do if I Spent a Weekend in Liverpool?

June 14, 2017

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Considering I only live a few hours away by train, I’ve actually only ever visited Liverpool twice in my entire life.

Once was a school trip where we walked around the Tate art gallery all day, and the second was a recent blogger’s event where I went from the train station to the venue, then back to the station again. There’s so much more to Liverpool I need to see. 

In my vow to visit more UK cities, I think Liverpool is definitely top of the list as it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to explore more. I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures that I don’t think I can resist a weekend trip much longer.

But, what would I do if I Spent a Weekend in Liverpool?

?? Go to the Albert Dock

Whenever someone mentions a trip to Liverpool one of the first things I think of is the Albert Dock. I’m dying to go and have a play around with my camera and maybe even take some fashion posts in one of the most iconic spots in the city.

weekend in liverpool

?? Visit The Beatles Story and Drink at the Cavern Club

As a Brit, the Beatles were a big part of my childhood. My parents would listen to them, we studied them at school and played medleys in the school band. I’d love to hear more about the history of the band, as well as see the Cavern Club where it all started. To me, it feels like it is an iconic part of Liverpool that I cannot miss. 

?? Take a Look Around The World Museum and the Liverpool War Museum

Whenever I visit a new city I always like to check out the new museums, to see if I can learn a little something new. My history knowledge is absolutely terrible, so I love to find out as much as I can when I’m travelling whether that’s by buying guide books, visiting museums or looking up the history of places online.

?? Have the Ultimate Shopping Experience at Liverpool ONE

It’s no secret that I love shopping, and with Liverpool 1 being home to some of the biggest retail brands, I don’t think I’d be able to resist a cheeky shopping trip. I’ve got a couple of holidays coming up and I desperately need to get some summer clothes as it’s going to be around 30 degrees when I go, so knowing that I’d more than likely be visiting New Look, Simply Be, Oasis and Victoria’s Secret.

For the travel essentials, I’d definitely be picking up a few bits from Superdrug and Debenhams.

??St Johns Beacon Viewing Gallery

I LOVE high up places, especially when it means a good photo opportunity. To get the best view of the Liverpool skyline you can visit the Radio City Tower Viewing Gallery, something I don’t think I’d want to miss on a weekend visit!

?? Go on a River Cruise

Another thing I’ve started doing whenever I visit a city is to go on a river cruise. I love the different perspective and it’s always good for photo opportunities (are you noticing a trend here?).

I’m really hoping I can visit Liverpool in the next few months so I can cross a couple of these off my list.

Do you have any Liverpool recommendations for me?

Kirsty Leanne




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