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My Travel Plans for the Next Year

August 11, 2017

My Travel Plans for the Next Year

August 11, 2017

At the start of the year I wrote a blog post that detailed the places I’d like to visit before the end of the year. We’re now half way through and luckily, I have been able to make some of them a reality with some incredible trips.

As well as being able to book some of the destinations in my original post, my plans have also changed dramatically, and for the better. Last minute deals and impulsive booking has meant the list has had a complete revamp, so I thought I’d give a little update.

I thought to make this post a little more interesting I’d also include my plans up until the start of June next year, as I already know how the first few months of 2018 will be looking for me when it comes to travel.

This list is 99.9% likely to change in the future, as if you know me well you’ll know I have a habit for booking last minute trips on a monthly basis #sorrynotsorry.

My Travel Plans for the Next Year

??????? Cardiff, Wales

My Aunts getting married this September and so to celebrate, we’re visiting Cardiff for one night for her hen party. I imagine I won’t have much time to explore as we have a packed itinerary, but I’m still very excited to visit a new place!

?? Split, Croatia

I’m so excited for this trip as it is my first ever press trip I’ll be going on. At the end of September, I am going to be staying in a villa in Split, Croatia with my Boyfriend, Brother and his friend. We’re there for a whole week which is my longest holiday so far this year, so if you have any recommendations for things to do in the area please hit me up.

?? Mostar, Bosnia

As part of my trip to Croatia I am hoping to spend a day in Mostar in Bosnia. My Sister first suggested it to me when I mentioned I was going to Split and I after doing some research I think it sounds like such a fascinating place to visit.

?? Porto, Portugal

I still need to finalise everything for this trip, but on the 13th October I’m off to Porto for a cheeky little weekend press trip! It’s going to a very quick visit as I have no holiday days to use, however I am excited to spend two days drinking port and enjoying a new city.

?? Paris, France

At the end of October we’re heading back to Paris for one (maybe two) nights before our Disneyland Paris trip. After falling in love with the city when we visited back in February we decided it would be silly not to go on our DLP holiday a few days early and visit again.

?? Disneyland Paris, France

As part of my boyfriend’s birthday present, we have booked a three-night break at Disneyland Paris for Halloween. We went for the day at the start of the year and everything was closed for refurbishment – as we had such a good day despite not being able to go on the rides we decided we had to come back for the 25th Anniversary celebrations. We’re staying in the Toy Story hotel (my favourite Disney film) and will definitely be attending the Halloween Party on the 31st.

wroclaw bubbles

?? Wroclaw, Poland

Wizz Air are kindly sending me back to my favourite place for their Christmas Markets in November! Although I’ve been to Wroclaw twice already this year I don’t think I’ll ever stop going back as it’s such a cheap, fun weekend away. I’m excited to go to my first ever Christmas Market outside of the UK and if their summer festival is anything to go by it’s going to involve a lot of beer.

P.s. if you want to know why you should visit Wroclaw check out 22 photos from my previous trips that will definitely help fuel your wanderlust.

?? Vienna, Austria

This is my final press trip for the year and I couldn’t be more excited. At the start of December I am heading to Austria for three nights. I am hoping that it snows while I am there as I’d love to see Austria in the snow, especially as it will be Christmas market season! I don’t have much of an itinerary at the moment but I know nearer the time I will have a clearer idea of what I’ll be doing, eeeek! 

?? Frankfurt, Germany

In February there is an event in Frankfurt my boyfriend is dying to go to, so I said I’d tag along for moral support! I’m hoping we have time to explore the city while there, but for now this one is penciled into my diary as need to plan.

?? Rotterdam, Holland

 A few weeks after coming back from my American adventure, I’ll be heading to Rotterdam for #Traverse18. After seeing all of the amazing posts about the 2017 event I was dead set I’d be going to the next one, then they announced it would be in Rotterdam. PERFECT. I’ve been to Holland before but never Rotterdam, so I am excited to have a good explore while there.

Teasers for the event have already said there are going to be plenty of activities in the days leading up to the event, so I can’t wait to hear more!


?? Trek America, USA

This is probably the trip I a most excited about because 1) I love America and 2) it’s been planned for a VERY long time.

I actually booked this trip a year ago because I was planning on doing it in the April just gone, however due to moving jobs, engagements and pregnancy announcements the trip kept getting pushed back. It’s now 100% happening next July and I could not be more excited – I’ve already started planning content… ooops.

I’m going to be doing the Coast to Coast Express, which is a 16 day trip that goes from the East Coast to the West Coast. As I’m pressed for holiday days at work I couldn’t go on any of the full on cross country trips, but as I wanted a bit of East Coast and West Coast, flying from NY to LA half way through the trip seemed like the best alternative.

A few of the places I’ll be visiting include New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Vegas, Yosemite and San Francisco. Oh. my. god. DREAM TRIP.


So that’s everything I have planned… for now. I’m hoping to squeeze in a few UK day trips inbetween, as well as maybe some overnight stays a little further away from home if I can.

What travel plans do you have for the rest of the year?

  • Julia August 24, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    Wow your USA trip sounds amazing! There are some incredible places on this list and a lot that I’ve never been to before either. I have the travel bug so bad at the moment lately, all I want to do is go on a trip somewhere!

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