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Travel For Inspiration & Pure Wonder

March 23, 2019

Travel For Inspiration & Pure Wonder

March 23, 2019


Sometimes, you want to travel to experience culture and come back more knowledgeable about the world. Sometimes, you want to travel to kick off your sandals and drink a margarita on the beach with your girl-friends. Sometimes, you want to head abroad to see a landmark, or something important to you. Perhaps you wish to travel to see family or friends you haven’t seen in some time.

And sometimes, you want to travel to have your socks knocked off. You want to travel and enjoy just how absolutely amazing this world can be. There’s no shortage of this. Find me someone who is bored of the world and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t travelled far beyond what they know. This world has so many hidden mysteries in it and awe-inspiring views that they could melt even the most stone-hearted of individuals. There’s no shame in wanting your life to be affirmed just a little bit. Thankfully, with our advice, you should find it easier to do this, and to give yourself that sense of wonder and true inspiration you’re looking for:

The Wonders Of The World

We often think that seeing the wonders of the world is perhaps excellent but often too obvious. This can lead us to put off this natural inclination for years, even decades. But of course, while the wonders will likely stay where they are for some time, seeing them as soon as you can might lend you more of an appreciation for how crazy history can be, and how the wonder of anthropology has led us to extreme achievements. The word ‘humanity’ might seem a little too dramatic for some people to think they are included in it, but when seeing these achievements of bygone eras, it’s not difficult to think about humankind’s legacy and exploration of the Earth. This, in itself, can leave you feeling awestruck.

Of course, we needn’t tell you which wonders to see first, or how to arrange your vacations. Sometimes, you might head for a country for one reason and realize you are in realistic driving distance to see a wonder. But be sure you do see them. This kind of inspiration can be hard to come by, so taking any opportunity you can is a great start.

The Natural Wonders

But of course, sometimes you needn’t only be inspired by that which past cultures have managed to construct. The world has beauty within it, multiplied by many times whatever any set of human hands could draw up. The natural wonders, such as seeing the Grand Canyon from a wonderful view, heading to one of the best observatories near you, or even simply heading to a natural history museum, especially those that are celebrated can help you think more on the progression of life and nature, and take a certain sense of wonder in that.

For those willing to jump down that rabbit hole, there is an endless sense of mystery, wonder and appreciation. You may even begin to see just how mystifying it is for us humans to have had such an effect on the natural order in such a short span of time. The natural wonders of the world can help you reflect, but most importantly, can help you appreciate the beautiful world around you, even its most dangerous and awe-inspiring elements.

A Writing Journey

It can be worthwhile to try and channel this inspiration to something when you head abroad. Let’s say you’re heading to Africa to encounter a sustainable safari and remain in wonder at the beautiful progression of animals. It might be that bringing along a humble journal and noting down your thoughts can help you bring that energy back home. You might write poetry, you might simply write what you see, or even plans that you wish to embark on, such as coming back to volunteer with this preservation outfit for a year.

Travelling for inspiration is fantastic, and can leave an impression on you. But sometimes, it can be extremely healthy to bring your own distilled thoughts back. You never know who they might inspire, or how much you might find a renewed sense of purpose in your life. Who knows! Travel in this sense might spur you to open a travel blog also and to meet those who have this same appreciation for the world around you.

Considering Cultures

No small amount of research has been conducted into what happens when someone learns a new language. It turns out that languages often influence our thoughts quite dramatically, because their inflections of tone, pitch, and sense of referring to the world is in itself quite a directed system, even though, of course, we do not think in run-on sentences all the time. This means that considering cultures and taking the time to visit them can round you as a person, because more than simply ‘knowing what’s out there,’ you’re sure to absorb worldviews, understandings, historical context and consideration for social etiquette.

Consider yourself as a sponge being placed in a puddle. Slowly, the moisture begins to soak in, and that’s what happens when spending time contacting and living with certain cultures. You may not gain the accent, but living a full year in France will forever leave its mark on you. Even those who consider themselves ‘Earth Citizens’ would find it hard to argue that our environments often dictates we are just as much as our conscious daily effort to be the person we know ourselves as.

This means that finding inspiration by mixing with new people, by learning new cultures, by continually seeing just how your perspective might not be the only ‘right’ one can lend you texture as a person, and absolutely helps you look to the future with a complete sense of optimism. Considering cultures is essential, and can make a massive difference in the long term.

With these tips, you’re sure to travel for inspiration and pure wonder, through and through.



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