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Travel Bucketlist: Thailand

November 5, 2017

Travel Bucketlist: Thailand

November 5, 2017

Over the last few months, I’ve posted about a lot of different destinations in my ongoing Bucket List series. I’ve not really covered a specific destination to one post alone, but as Thailand is pretty high up on my bucket list, I thought it deserved a blog post all to itself. 

Thailand has always been on my list of places I want to visit but as I am saving for my big American trip next year, my dream of going is having to take a back seat for the time being. That doesn’t mean I can’t plan though, right?

I’m hoping that at some point over the next few years me and my boyfriend can go on a trip to Thailand for a few weeks. The plan would be to book out tickets there and back, our first hotel and then see where the rest of the trip takes us - something I’ve never done before with any trip, but have been dying to do for so long. I think for someone that loves to plan, like me, it might be difficult at first but my boyfriends laid back attitude will 100% help me relax and take it a few days at a time.

I thought I’d do some research into the best (and worst) places to visit and put together a list of my bucket list places I’d want to visit on a Thailand vacation.


Whenever I think of visiting Thailand, the first place that jumps to mind in Bangkok. A city of many contrasts, I’ve read so many great blog posts about what to in Bangkok that I’ve practically built an itinerary for a trip I haven’t booked yet! I can’t wait to ride in a tuk-tuk, take a boat through the floating markets, visit the facinating temples and enjoy the incredible nightlife.

Food is another thing I’d love to sample in Bangkok, from local dishes served at bustling street stalls to haute cuisine at stunning rooftop restaurants.


I’ve mentioned before how much I love the beach and as I’ve heard so many good things about the beaches in Phuket, I couldn’t not pay it a visit! Apparently there are over 30 beaches to choose from, with lots of lively towns to explore (like Phuket town itself). I’d love to explore some of the islands hidden gems as well the popular Patong, Karon and Kamala beaches.

Chiang Mai

Apparently Chiang Mai is a great place to go and relax so I can imagine that on a very active holiday it would be a relief to visit somewhere to just chill for a few days. I’ve noticed lately that I definitely have my limit when travelling and that although it takes me a lot to burn out, often I just need a little time to recover, so this sounds like the perfect way to slot in a couple of rest days.

Krabi Town

As Krabi Town is a key transport hub in Thailand I am sure we would end up visiting there on our trip at some point. It would be nice to spend a day or two to explore as I’ve heard it’s a great place to eat out as well as get lots of trinkets and souvenirs, something I have to do while travelling. If you’re visiting Krabi or any other destination in Thailand, you can book your ground and sea transportation tickets online here.

Ko Tao

Ko Tao is the smallest island in Thailand, yet it still looks so incredible. I’d love to spend a couple of days here drinking cocktails on the white sandy beaches, seeing rays in their natural habitat and experiencing the wild nightlife that Thailand has to offer. This definitely looks like one of the most Instagramable places ever, so it’s definitely going on the list of places I need to visit.


Lampang is not as popular as most of the places mentioned above, but it’s a place I often hear bloggers raving about when they’ve visited. With lots of temples to explore I feel like this is somewhere you could easily visit for a couple of days and not run out of things to do.


Once considered the most spectacular city on Earth, the ruins of the capital of the Kingdom Ayutthaya are now a major tourist attraction in Thailand, making the somewhere I’d definitely want to visit on my trip. It’s easy to get to from Bangkok so would probably be a day trip from there, or perhaps the second destination on our trip…


Also close to Bangkok, Kanchanaburi is apparently popular with those that love to kayak, mountain-bike, raft or lovers of other extreme sports. I think this would be the perfect stop for my boyfriend as he loves the adventure side of things more than I do, so I think we’d definitely visit here (plus it means I’d get to visit the waterfalls!).

Phang nga

If we were feeling brave I’d love to pay a visit to Phang nga to go deep sea diving as I’ve read the national park is an incredible place to be able to experience it!

So, there you have my incredibly long bucket list of places I’d love to visit in Thailand. Writing this post has made me even more determined to book a trip there and I’m even tempted to start saving so we can go the year after my Trek America… is it normal to plan this many years in advance? 😉

Have you visited Thailand before? Where should I add to my list?

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