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Travel Bucket List: Cruise Destinations

January 22, 2017

Travel Bucket List: Cruise Destinations

January 22, 2017

Lately all I seem to do is dream about all of the places I want to visit and I am adding more and more to my bucket list each month it seems. As I am currently renting and trying to save for my own place I don’t get to travel often, but it doesn’t mean I can’t keep adding things to my list for when I can afford to go. As my ‘travel bucket list‘ is absolutely huge I thought I would share in with you in different sections, starting with cruise destinations.

North America

It’s no secret I love America, so with popular ports including Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle it’s a no brainer – and that’s just the west coast! The main thing, however, that makes me want to do an America cruise is the DISNEY CRUISE LINE. You get 7 nights in Orlanda, an 8 day pass to Disney World and stop in the Disney Castaway Cay Island. Oh, and the cruise ship is Disney themed with constant Disney films playing, themed parties and Disney resturants. HEAVEN.


There are SO MANY places I want to visit in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico anyone?) so a Caribbean cruise would be a perfect way to cross off quite a few places on my bucket list in one go. I’d love to go an experience a real Caribbean carnival ?

Northern Lights

I am pretty sure seeing the Northern Lights is on pretty much everyone’s bucket list, right? You can go on specific ‘In search of the Northern Lights’ cruises, where you get a lecturer on board to help ehance the whole experience. How cool does that sound? I WILL do this one day.


I keep joking with my boyfriend that I want to get married in Hawaii (I’m totally not joking it’s either Hawaii or a castle) as it’s somewhere I have always wanted to go. I think it seems like such a happy place, plus getting to go to the Honolulu festival would be an absolute dream.

Pacific Islands

Bora Bora, Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii all in one go? Oh my god yes please. I think the wonderful thing about cruises is that you get to see so many places in one go rather than having to book individual trips. Fiji is another place I have been dreaming of visiting for a long time and ever since my friend Hannah (from Pull Yourself Together) went last year it’s pushed it closer to the top of my bucket list.

 Where would you go? ✈

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