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Travel Apps I Can’t Live Without

July 3, 2017

Travel Apps I Can’t Live Without

July 3, 2017

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I recently posted about the reasons I can’t live without the internet while travelling, so as a sort of extension to that I thought I’d do a little somethin’ about the apps I always use when it comes to travel.

I have to admit over the last few months I have bought into the hype of a lot of travel apps but only a few have actually survived and made it this far.

I thought it would be best to start with my firm favourites and the ones I use regularly, which coincidentally all happen to be transport related: 

? Uber

WHENEVER I go travelling one of the first things I do is check if I can use Uber, which is quite likely as it’s now available in 70 countries. As much as I enjoy trying public transport in new places*, there is nothing nicer than jumping into an Uber and letting someone else do the hard work for you, for less than the cost of your standard taxi.

I really need to get out of the habit of saying ”oh, let’s just order an Uber’ in EVERY situation, but for now, I am quite happy spending my life’s earnings on the coolest taxis.

*complete lie.

? Google Maps

I get lost.

A lot. 

Once I have been somewhere I’m usually pretty good at remembering where it is, but if you give me a set of directions and a map to help me find somewhere new I am hopeless. 

When travelling I now rely on Google Maps to stop me from walking in the wrong direction while trying to find my way. I tend to use the walking and public transport directions the most, but it’s sometimes helpful for figuring out how far something would be in a taxi if you were planned on hailing one.

?️ City Mapper

Similar to Google Maps, I use City Mapper to help me when it comes to public transport. It’s available in so many cities now (including London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Milan) and it tells you the fastest/easiest way to get from A to B, with live travel updates.

I think the best thing about this app is that you can see how far away the next bus is going to be, without having to go to the bus stop to find out, giving you extra time for taking photos drinking cocktails.

Now for the apps I don’t use as often, but still couldn’t live without…

✈️ Skyscanner

The first place I look when booking flights is Skyscanner, mainly because I know it’s where I usually find the best prices. Although I don’t use this while travelling, I’d still consider the app super helpful when it comes to planning my travels, especially when I can search ‘Everything Anywhere’ and pick the cheapest place to visit for when I’m free!

? Lonely Planet Travel Guides

If you’re anything like me you love a travel guide but hate lugging it around in your bag all day. I recently discovered the Lonely Planet Travel Guides app which lets me have the best of both worlds!

You can download guides while connected to WiFi too, so you don’t have to use any data while browsing through them!

I know it probably seems old fashioned with Google about, but there’s something so satisfying about using a travel guide. 

?Google Trips

Google Trips is a reasonably new app but it is incredible!

It’s designed to store all your flight, hotel and travsel information on your phone so that you can access it (including a map!) without WiFi, perfect for those countries where you don’t free EU data!

It also has the option for you to search awesome things to do and build you’re own itinerary based on their location and the distance between each destination. You can save friends recommendations too!

I’m totally in love with this app and can’t wait to start using it to plan my days better…

The App Map of Britain

Speaking of travel apps – Carphone Warehouse have put together an awesome map of the apps used in Britain. It allows you to search your demographics and find out which apps are most used by people like you – pretty cool huh?

After searching my demographics the map told me that one of the top apps for females in the Midlands is Wish, which embarrassingly enough I do actually have on my phone at the moment… I just love cheap things, okay?

It also suggested a couple I’ve not heard of before, so I’ll definitely be checking those out!

What travel apps do you love?  

Kirsty Leanne



  • Kayleigh Zara July 3, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    I’m always on the look out for more travel apps! I tend to use uber and sky scanner but I haven’t heard of any of the other apps included in this post and lonely planet and google trips sound like apps I’d love! X

    Kayleigh Zara ? http://www.kayleighzaraa.com


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