Top Tips for Healthy Skin on a Flight

Before I started flying frequently, I never really thought about the impact it could be having on my skin. 

My skin was usually pretty healthy, albeit a little red, and so I didn’t *really* think I needed much a of a skincare routine when flying or travelling in general. I thought a simple moisturiser before I hopped on the plane would be more than enough, but the constant blow of the air con and lack of pressure meant my skin dries out SO MUCH.

Recently, Sarah Chapman Skinesis asked me to talk about skin problems I have had and how I overcame them, so I thought that as I travel regularly and I’ve managed to improve my dry airplane skin so so much, I’d share some of my top tips for looking after your skin on a flight.

Don’t wear makeup  - Although I’m not a big travel makeup wearer, I’d always put on a little something for my flight to hide my tired eyes and dry skin. Recently I’ve been going au naturale and my skin has definitely been thanking me for it.

Even if you don’t want to go completely bare faced, reducing your routine down to a moisturiser based CC cream, mascara and maybe a tinted lip balm will do your skin wonders.

Take a travel sized moisturiser to top up during the flight - Rather than just applying it beforehand, it’s worth packing yourself a moisturiser that is smaller than 100ml so you can take it in your hand luggage. This means if you feel your skin starting to dry out, you can easily top up during your flight.

Drink plenty of water - This one is a given, but not only does it stop you getting dehydrated, but it can really help your skin. Depending on how long the flight is I try to drink as much as I can to myself hydrated, but if it’s a small plane and short flight I prefer to avoid the million and one trips to the bathroom.

Use moisturiser that is water or hydration based - When looking for your travel sized moisturiser, try to find one that is  water based or has hydration properties. My favourite one to use is the Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator, as its has almost a silicon feel to it (I also have the face spray and eye serum, which are great for longer flights!).

Pack lip balm - My lips always dry out SO SO much when I’m on a flight so I always make sure to pack a lip balm to reapply whenever I need it.

Do you have any tips for looking after your skin on a flight? 

Kirsty Leanne




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