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Tips to Keep Your Health in Check While Traveling

June 24, 2020

Tips to Keep Your Health in Check While Traveling

June 24, 2020

With a lot of people travelling either for pleasure or business, there is a rising concern for poor health maintenance. Although there is a lot of fun to experience and things to catch up with, it is vital to be practical about keeping your health in check. 

Here are the top tips to help you stay healthy when travelling by road or air. 

Clean your Hands Frequently

Public transportation, including cars, planes and buses carry an enormous number of germs. When moving from one point to the other, you will likely touch surfaces and get in contact with microbes. Although doctors agree that washing your hands frequently with hot soapy water is the first line of defence against diseases, it might be tough to get that luxury while on the go and away from home. That being the case, it is advisable to carry a hand sanitizer and apply it every now and then. 

Stay Active

Every morning, take at least 10 minutes to wake up and get your body moving with low impact activity, such as yoga or simply stretching. After that engage in something more intense to get your daily exercise in. You could, for instance, download a fitness app like the 30 Day Fitness Challenge, where you’ll find plenty of exercise and circuits to get your blood pumping. Planning to work out later in the day might have you caught up in activities and other engagements. You could still keep your day active by biking or walking instead of taking transportation. 

Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

Whether you are travelling by air or by road, a nutritious breakfast keeps you sated and energized. Instead of eating the airline breakfast, pack yours. While you may be tempted to indulge in an airline’s cocktail, remember that too much of it accompanied by unhealthy food could result in jet lag symptoms, including dizziness, fatigue, nausea and headache. Carry healthy snacks and use a lunchbox or a freezer pack to keep your refrigerated foods cool. Before booking a hotel, check that it has healthy options. 


Travelling can be dehydrating, especially if you are flying. For every hour on a flight, take at least 8 ounces of water or more, particularly if you are also indulging in alcohol. A correct water intake keeps you energetic and decreases your chances of getting sick because you allow your body to fight off airborne germs. 

Don’t Skip Fruits and Veggies

You want to maintain good health while travelling to avoid weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. In every meal, try to include more fruits and veggies, both fresh or dried is fine. These contain high amounts of vitamins, fibre and minerals that will help your body to fight off diseases. 

Get Enough Sleep

For you to stay healthy, you should sleep for about 7-8 hours every night. While travelling, try to fit naps where you can, such as inside the aeroplane or car. Before and after travelling, get enough rest to keep your body energized. 

It is easy to get caught up in planning and itinerary while travelling, but no matter what, you must keep your health in check. Follow these tips and enjoy your travels! 


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