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Tips On How To Prepare For Flying When It’s Your First Time

January 7, 2020

Tips On How To Prepare For Flying When It’s Your First Time

January 7, 2020

For the seasoned traveller, you may have a memory of your first time flying. That being said, if you were lucky enough to go on holidays as a child, perhaps you were too young to remember! However, there are people that have never flown on a plane before, and they may now finally be getting the opportunity to do so. But taking a flight when you’ve never experienced one before is a little daunting. What should you expect? How can you predict how you’ll react? There might be dozens of questions, so here are some tips on how to prepare for flying when it’s your first time.

Sort Out Your Passport If You Haven’t Already

Firstly, you need to get yourself a passport. You might have done so already, so if that’s you, then you can skip this step. Getting your passport will take a little time so it’s good to sort it out, and have your passport on you before you go booking any holidays. When getting a passport, you want to ensure you take the process carefully and ensure you’ve filled in all your details correctly. You want to do this too when booking a flight and checking in because if your name is misspelt, even if by accident, it can end up costing you. Go to a photo shop or a photo booth to get your photos taken. You’ll probably need to send off a set of the same photos for your application for a passport. Take care to remove any glasses or hats and keep a straight face. Smiling is not allowed because it can end up changing your facial features. Keep it plain and simple and be sure to move any flyaway hair from your face.

Do Some Research On Your Destination

Before booking your flight, make sure you’ve done some research on your destination and that you know enough about it. Sites like http://www.evisumservice.be can offer you a detailed overview of places like China, and there is a wealth of knowledge and resources online. Long gone are the days where you used to get all your information in a travel guide book. Now, you’ve got the whole world at your fingertips with reviews and all. Knowing where you’re going and having that information on you ready to go can help take a lot of stress out of the trip itself. The more you can think about the things you’ll be doing at your destination, the less your mind will be focused on the actual flight.

Fly Short-Haul For Your First Time

For your first flight, it’s best that you travel short-haul, rather than doing a long-haul. The first flight you take needs to be fairly tame, especially as you may find you’re not a great flyer, to begin with. Keep the distance short, opting for three to four hours maximum. If you’re really unsure about flying for the first time, then think about making it super brief, like an hour, for example. This is just to help ease you into flying for the first time and not having to spend a long period of time in the air. If you need some guidance on where to fly, then speak to a travel agent or get in touch with an airline. They’ll be able to advise you on where it might be a good place to travel to, depending on your location. If you’re flying short haul, you might also need to consider how much luggage you’re allowed to take. For the best luggage sets for short haul, you can visit this site here.

Speak To The Airline

When you’re flying for the first time, you may have a lot of questions about what to expect. Getting in touch with the airline that you’re flying with might be handy in order to understand what can be expected. Some airlines will also have a nervous flyers day where you can go along for free and do the whole process from checking in, to security and boarding a plane. They can help answer any questions and go through the different scenarios or concerns that you might have in regards to the flight. These services are readily available for those, no matter whether you’ve flown before or perhaps you haven’t in a while and feel a bit apprehensive. It’s a great way to help ease your mind and to feel a bit better about the whole experience itself.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to the airline with any concerns. The transaction doesn’t end when you pay for your airfare, and it’s nice to feel like you’re being well looked after.

Have Plenty Of Entertainment Ready

Entertainment is essential, and thankfully, we now have a whole host of electronic devices that we can use to help keep us company. As a distraction, it’s good to have as much entertainment as possible when it’s your first time flying. When you’re booking your flight, it might be worth booking yourself a window seat and that way, you can enjoy the view. However, a good book or your favourite television series can help you unwind and relax. Sometimes it’s the home comforts and the movies, TV or music you listen to in your home that can help you feel more at ease.

Check that all your devices are fully charged and that you have a couple of battery packs available for when your devices get low en route to your destination. As a helpful tip, remember to take whatever travel adaptor is needed for the location. There are different ones depending on what country you’re going to, so make sure you do a check of these before travelling. If you forget, there will always be ones available at the airport.

Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance

One of the things to consider when travelling is getting travel insurance. This doesn’t really relate to the flight itself, but it’s always good to mention it because many people do forget to buy it. It isn’t expensive, and it’s good to have it so that you know you’re covered should anything go wrong and you end up having to use the country’s medical assistance. If you have particular disabilities or medical conditions, make sure you alert both your travel insurer but also the airline if it means they need to be aware. They might also need to make arrangements ahead of time, so it’s always worth checking in on them, just in case.

Take Medication If You Feel Really Nervous

It can be nerve-racking to board a plane and know that it’s going to take you up to tens of thousands of feet and it’s controlled by two people. And although that may be a very terrifying thought, it’s important to remember that it is rare planes will ever run into any trouble at all. However, there is a medication that you can take, should you need it for the journey. Ensure that you’ve checked with the airline in particular that it is alright to take on board. You should also check in with your doctor before purchasing any over the counter medication. This includes things like flight sickness tablets too as you never know what your body might be ok and not ok taking.

Preparing yourself for a flight for the first time is a mixture of emotions. The best way to prepare is to make sure you’ve planned ahead and that you have all the relevant documents needed for your journey. Speak to the airline prior if you have any concerns and make sure you’re comfortable for your flight. Have plenty of entertainment, sit back, try to relax and enjoy your first flight!


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