Things People Say To Me Now I Travel A Lot

It’s only been since the start of this year that I really started to travel a lot more than the average person, but in that short space of time, I have noticed that there are some common phrases I hear a lot more than I used to…

”Oh my god! How the hell do you afford to travel so often?”

Sometimes I question this myself, but the money I make blogging helps…

Similarly, “You must be made of money!”

Actually, I’m not, I just try to travel on a budget as often as I can- even if it means sleeping overnight in an airport.

“Do you ever sit still/stay in one place?”

Nope, that’s kind of the point of traveling…

“Why doesn’t your boyfriend always go on holiday with you?!”

I actually wrote a post on this one…

“Oh my god, you’re so brave to fly/travel solo…”

At first, I’d have agreed but now I love it (except when I lose important things)

“Maybe you should have a few weeks off and relax for a bit?”

Admittedly I need to slow down sometimes, but I hate a wasted weekend…

“How do you go away so often with only XX holiday days?”

I honestly don’t know sometimes…

“Where are you off to next?”

NGL, I love this one as I love to talk about my travels!

“You’ve been there before, why are you going back again?”


“Don’t you think you should spend your money on a *insert useful item here* instead?”


“When are you going to start saving for a house?”

When they stop selling plane tickets…

“You’ll wear your passport out at this rate”

I hope so!

“I couldn’t do what you do, going away for just a few days at a time…”

Gotta get my 30 before 30…

“Any room in your suitcase?”

Okay, maybe I’m guilty of this one too…

I’m pretty sure I could keep going and I am sure 99% of travelers will agree with these. Am I right?


I am loving absolutely EVERYTHING from Yours Clothing* at the moment and this outfit is no exception. It’s not very often you see me out of a pretty dress, but Yours make the comfiest jeans I’ve ever tried. Seriously.

This pair of black skinny jeans have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe and as soon as I get paid - and stop booking holidays - I am going to be investing in every style jeans they have, especially as they’re so affordable at £19.99.

As it’s starting to get a little cooler I thought I’d pair them with a summery top and an oversized denim jacket. I haven’t found a decent denim jacket in so long, mainly due to most of them not fitting my arms, but this one is perfect. It’s so comfortable I wish I could wear it with everything. I’m tempted to buy another exactly the same so I can spruce it up with some patches.

The only thing not from Yours Clothing (other than my fave New Look sunglasses I’m always wearing) is the shoes. These are my trusty white nonverse (geddit?) from Primark.

What else would you add to the list?


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