The Vienna Sightseeing Pass - Is it Worth it?

During my trip to Vienna there were so many different things that I wanted to see, that it was starting to look like a pricey trip. There are so many museums, attractions and different monuments that were on my list that The Vienna Sightseeing Pass seemed like the only logical way to be able to afford it all.

Luckily, I was able to put that to the test when The Vienna Pass very kindly offered me and Ashton a pass for the duration of our trip. We were in Vienna for three full days, however we opted for a 48 hour pass as we didn’t have the full first day due to landing at around 11am. 

This particular pass would have cost €89.00 to purchase (1 day passes are €59.00, 3 day passes are €119.00 and 6 day passes are €154.00).


So, what is The Vienna Sightseeing Pass?

Basically, The Vienna Pass is a sightseeing city card that gives you access into over 60 different museums, monuments and attractions across the city. The pass includes:

  • Free entry into over 60 of Vienna’s most popular attractions
  • Unlimited use of the Vienna Sightseeing Hop on Hop Off Buses for the duration of your pass
  • A handy guidebook with details to all of the attractions you have access too
  • Fast track entry to some of Vienna’s top attractions

We made real good use of all of the above in the 48 hours that we had, making sure to see as much as we could that was included on the pass. We actually spent our first night in Vienna picking all the places we wanted to go, mapping out the best route to fit them all in.

Of course that didn’t exactly go to plan, we we sure did a hell of a lot for our money. 

What Did We Do and Where Did We Go? 

Hop On Hop Off Bus

💶 Cost without pass: €45.00

We used the Hop on Hop Off bus quite a lot the first day, as we wanted to do a bit of a lap on some of the routes before getting off at the stops we wanted to explore more of. Due to the timings of the buses and having to swap and change lines a few times, this didn’t go quite to plan, but it was still an incredible thing to have included as 90% of the time it took you right up to the attraction you wanted to visit.

With five separate lines, a walking tour and a boat ride - you really can’t go wrong. 

Shconbrunn Zoo

💶 Cost without pass: €20.00

This was definitely one of my favourite attractions in Vienna and as one of the World’s oldest zoo that had been rebuilt after the war, it was fascinating to see some of the old architecture there (as well as the Pandas and Penguins, obv).

The Palm House

💶 Cost without pass: €6.00

Another stunning place to visit, the Palm House is a must if you’re visiting the zoo. We actually had this on our list of places to visit and ended up walking past it on the way to the zoo, so popping there first.

📝Read my very photo heavy post on The Palm House here.

Madame Tussauds 

💶 Cost without pass: €23.00

We actually ended up popping in here to kill some time before we went on the wheel (we were waiting for the sun not to be in it’s awkward setting stage) and we had SO MUCH fun. I’d recommend even for adults as we basically spent an hour running around, acting like kids and taking photographs with pretty much every wax figure going.

It was also great for me to tick another Madame Tussauds off my list too, as I’ve not been to three!

The Prater Ferris Wheel 

💶 Cost without pass: €10.00

This was something we knew we wanted to do before we even arrived in Vienna. The Prater wheel is located in Prater, the mini amusement park in Vienna’s city centre. The wheel is a must for anyone visiting and the views were absolutely incredible, even if I was scared to move the entire time I was on it…

The Prater Museum:

💶 Cost without pass: €5.00

As we were nearby whilst at the wheel, we decided to pop into the Prater Museum too. It didn’t take long to walk around but it was fascinating to see the history of such an alternative part of Vienna.

Kunst Haus Hundertwasser Museum 

💶 Cost without pass: €12.00

This was our ULTIMATE FAVOURITE part of Vienna that we saw and I would 100% recommend that anyone visiting Vienna goes into this particular museum. The art work was absolutely stunning and the building was magnificent both inside and out. I’d go again and again for sure!

Was it Good Value for Money?

Although there were a lot of museums we missed out on (we were desperate to go to Belvedere Palace and so many other places) I still felt as though we got an incredible value for money.

Just to make sure I decided to do the math. 

To visit each of the attractions we visited without The Vienna Sightseeing Pass, it would have cost us a total of €121.00. That’s a saving of €32.00 across the two days.

I actually think this saving could have been much more if we had spent a little less time at each attraction too.

So YES, I definitely think The Vienna Pass is worth it for anyone looking to visit the city and squeeze in as much as they can. Obviously the passes that are for 3 and 6 days would be EVEN BETTER value for money as you get much longer to explore, for only a small price jump. 

You can also add the option of an unlimited travel card throughout Vienna for the duration of your pass, making the times between attractions much quicker than using the Hop On Hop Off bus, which is designed to take the longer route around.

Do you use tourist passes and cards while travelling? What’s the best value for money you’ve ever had using one? 

Kirsty Leanne


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