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The Perfect Gift For Travel Lovers To Give To Their Family This Christmas | Neveo | Travel

December 17, 2018

The Perfect Gift For Travel Lovers To Give To Their Family This Christmas | Neveo | Travel

December 17, 2018

*This post is sponsored by Neveo

If you’re anything like me you’ll often forget to update your family about your travels when you’re out and about having fun.

Whilst you update Instagram and Facebook as often as you can, there may be certain people in your family that don’t have social media, causing them to miss out on all your incredible photos and updates.

It’s not until I see my family and they ask how my travels were that I remember I haven’t been able to share any of my stories with them. That is until I discovered the amazing Neveo.

So, what is Neveo?

Neveo is a monthly service where you can send a newsletter style album to your family. You can send up to 100 photos a month, all of which get placed into an automatic layout that requires absolutely no set up from you. Within minutes you could have an incredible album on its way to your family, featuring all of your favourite travel photos from the past month! 

How does it work?

Once you have downloaded the app (iTunes and Android) you can start selecting your favourite photos at the click of a button each month. Using the app you can add in captions next to each photo, giving your family a description of where you were and what you were doing in each picture.

The formatting and printing are then handled in-house at Neveo, all you need to do is wait for your journal to arrive with your family – whether it’s your parents or your grandparents. 

The service has a monthly cost which is either £9.99 or £14.99 depending on whether or not you want to have 50 or 100 photos each month, and there is absolutely not commitment and you can cancel at any time.

Receiving my Neveo Journal 

Ordering my journal was super easy as I did it from my iPhone, spending no more than twenty minutes adding in my 50 photos and captions. About a week or so later my journal had arrived with my family, giving them a look back over my whole year of travelling. Although the journal was a paperback, it was true magazine quality and the printing was impeccable. I loved how there are little spaces next to my captions, so if I wanted to add more or my family wanted to make their own notes they could. It was so fun flicking through all of the memories I had over the past year with my parents, telling them little stories and anecdotes behind each photo. 

Whether you’re sending a monthly Neveo journal to family members that don’t live nearby or treating them to a monthly journal as a keepsake of all our your family memories – I think it’s an amazing gift to give. People don’t tend to print their photos anymore as smartphones and social media are so popular, so it’s refreshing to have something that gives you that option.


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