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Why I am Taking a Short Break from Travel

April 10, 2018

Why I am Taking a Short Break from Travel

April 10, 2018

I haven’t been travel blogging for *too* long, but what I do know is that whenever I have a long break from travel I feel like I am an absolute fraud.

Like, I’m not ALWAYS travelling, so I’m not really a travel blogger right? I know it’s ridiculous, but I feel like there is a lot of pressure to be constantly on the go, otherwise where will I get my content?

Anyways, after my trip to Bali, I am going to have to take a bit of a travel break as I have actual responsibilities I need to take care of.

Why I am taking a VERY Short Break

We’ve been messed around time and time again with the house we are currently renting, so when our lease is up at the end of July, we will be move YET AGAIN. It was actually nice having two years where I didn’t actually have to move, but we couldn’t stay here any longer as well, it’s just not safe.

This time around we are upping our monthly rent budget and looking for a new build from the last ten or so years. We’ve never gone with this option, so we’re hoping it will break our bad luck and we can find somewhere we will want to stay a little longer than we normally do.

So yeah, the move probably means I won’t be travelling on any non-sponsored between May, right through to August. THAT’S THREE MONTHS WITH HARDLY ANY CONTENT. *deep breaths*

It does, however, mean I can get stupidly excited about fab new place to live (especially as this time I am going to fill it with lots of plants and make it super homely).

What I am Looking for in Our New Home

Although we are not quite ready to buy a home together, I want somewhere we can rent that is pretty lenient with it’s decorating policy, This means if we are staying long term we can at least make it our home.

I have in my mind an idea what I am looking for and so far I have found some places that would be perfect, but obviously I need to wait until closer to July to be able to find our dream place. ?

  • I want somewhere with a newly fitted kitchen – we have never had a nice kitchen and this time I want to make this a priority. I love how modern kitchens look and I want something that I enjoy to cook in, rather than can’t stand being in.
  • I want a nice bathroom, with a decent sized bath – at the moment we have a 3/4 bath which means I HATE getting in it. I’m dying to have a reasonably new fitted bathroom and a bath I actually want to use, so I’m definitely making sure our new place has that.
  • I want the place to have laminate flooring throughout – we have a cat, so it only makes sense that the place has laminate flooring throughout. Not only does it look nice, but when it comes to getting our deposit back when we leave we won’t have to explain why our cat has ripped up the carpets.
  • I want the house to have DOUBLE GLAZING – after having too many problems with our boiler the last two years, I never want to live somewhere that doesn’t have double glazing again. So simple, but I can’t spend another winter freezing half to death.

Is there anything else I should be looking for when I look? I’m still new to renting really, so I need ALL the tips I can get! 

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