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Photo Diary: Paris, Day One

March 13, 2017

Photo Diary: Paris, Day One

March 13, 2017

If I haven’t already mentioned it enough (sorry not sorry), last week me and my boyfriend visited Paris for a few days. I thought the best way to share all my pictures and what we got up to would be to do a little diary of each day, although I have already kind of done day 2 (Disneyland Paris) as I was too excited to share my photos with you guys.

On our first day we tried to do as much as we could so that by the time our last day came around we would only be squeezing in the things we’d not got a chance to see yet.

I don’t think I have ever walked so much in my entire life.

The first thing we wanted to do was go to the Eiffel Tower, as it’s obviously one of the most iconic landmarks in Paris. Looking back, going to see this first was probably one of the smartest decisions we could have made because otherwise we would have been seeing little glimpses of it and it wouldn’t have been as special as it first was. We got off at Trocadero station as it was on the same line as our hotel and oh my god, I would recommend getting off here first, rather than Champs des Mars station to anyone.

We couldn’t see the tower when we first walked out of the station, so presuming it was behind the building we came out of, we walked all the way around to the other side. As we turned the corner the view was possibly one of my favourites we saw the entire trip. It was raining a lot (I talked about this a lot in my last post btw) so the wet, shiny floor meant the whole tower was reflected onto it, making an amazing first photograph.

We walked all the way down to the bottom of the tower with the plans to go up – but as it was a lot more expensive than the Arc de Triomphe and the main thing we wanted to see in the skyline was the tower itself – we decided to give it a miss. After taking ALL the photos we got the train to the one thing my boyfriend was looking forward to most, the (PSG) Parc Des Princes Football stadium.

Unfortunately, there was a game on that evening and they wouldn’t let us inside for the tour. I didn’t really want to hang around for five hours to wait and watch it, so we left pretty soon after we got there.

Although we didn’t originally plan to go to the Notre Dame that day we decided that as it was on the connecting line from PSG we would stop on the way back to try and save some time. I’m so glad we did as the sun came out briefly for us to take some amazing photos before we looked inside.

Now, I’m not religious at all but I found going inside the Cathedral fascinating. There was a service on at the time and I found it so interesting to watch, even if it was all in French. We lit a candle for some of my boyfriends family members then walked around the inside of the building in awe of how beautiful it was.

The next stop (and final stop for the day) was Champs-Élysées and the Arc de TriompheI’d been looking forward to Sephora shopping all day, but first, we made our way up the Arc de Triomphe in hopes to be there just in time for sunset. After about eight million breaks walking up the stairs we got to the top to find out it was too wet to go outside, so we had to wait around for ages before we could go right to the top.

It was SO worth the wait.

The views were incredible and even though we were slightly too early for the sun setting I did get to see a FREAKING RAINBOW over the city. After taking a million more photos of the Eiffel we made our wy down the stairs. I got SO dizzy going down the spiral staircase that I had to keep stopping and regaining my balance, it was such an odd experience…

As the shops on Champs-Élysées were going to close in a few ways I made sure we went to Sephora first. It was so busy and I found it hard to look at anything because people were always in the way. I was also disappointed they had no Tarte, Charlotte Tilbury or Zoeva, as they were the brands I specifically wanted to treat myself to. I did get the Too Faced Sweet Peaches palette though, so swings and roundabouts.

Other highlights included a chocolate shop playing a remix version of the Harry potter theme tune, my boyfriend finally getting a PSG shirt and the cute little (expensive) bistro we stopped at for dinner.

By the time we got home we were so knackered we collapsed into bed so we could be up nice and early for Disneyland the next day.

I think I have fallen in love with Paris ??

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  • Kate March 14, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    So many gorgeous photos here! You’ve made me desperately want to go to Paris now. X

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