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The ‘Perfect’ Holiday

March 12, 2017

The ‘Perfect’ Holiday

March 12, 2017


Last week I went on my first holiday in THREE YEARS.

Money, life and lots of other little things got in the way of us booking a holiday for so long, so when the time finally came around I wanted everything to be perfect. Understandably, right?

I spent ages planning what we were going to do, where we were going to eat and even what I was going to wear. I looked at other bloggers Paris outfit photo pictures for inspiration, planning out my perfect Instagram feed and scouting out all of the best places to take pictures from. It took ages… as you can probably imagine.

In my head, I had planned for every possible scenario.


A few days before we were due to go I checked the weather and surprise surprise, it was due to rain the entire time we were there. I kind of just brushed past it thinking it wouldn’t be that bad. I made a last minute shopping trip and (unwillingly) bought myself an umbrella and a new raincoat, so I would at least be prepared. Right? WRONG.

I really cannot get across how much it actually rained while we were there. I think all together on our five-day trip there were only a few hours that were completely rain free (apart from the day we flew home but let’s not talk about that).

I think for the first hour or so I was in a bad mood because it was wet, cold, windy and all of my plans for the perfect photos were going to ruined by the rain. Then, when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time (ever btw), I magically stopped worrying about the rain. 

Seeing something I have only ever seen in photographs up close was amazing and I was so happy, despite the fact it was absolutely chucking it down the entire time. I took lots of photographs in front of the tower that had me and my umbrella in and didn’t care at all that I couldn’t take the photographs how I had originally planned.

As for the outfits I had hoped to wear, well, I ended up wearing what was going to be most comfortable based on the weather and the fact I can’t walk long distances at a time. The heels, heeled ankle boots and cute little dolly shoes all stayed in my suitcase and instead I wore my memory foam sketcher-like shoes from Primark every day. I had to wear leggings under my dresses and skirts because of the dreaded chub rub and I even braved a poncho in Disneyland Paris.

I didn’t look like a ‘Parisian fashion queen‘ once during my holiday but did I care? Of course not, cause I was having so much fun.


So, I didn’t get that perfect shot in front of the Eiffel Tower or Disney Cinderella castle, but what I did get was so many new memories with my favourite person. I fell in love with Paris and Disneyland and I’m already planning another trip to the latter for my boyfriends birthday at the end of the year because one day was just not enough.

I won’t be worrying about my photos, what I wear or about the weather. I’ll be enjoying each day as it comes because things are so much more fun when they don’t go to plan. 

Kirsty Leanne





  • Sophie April 20, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    I totally agree! I saw a post recently about how many people choose their destination by how instagramable it is - seriously?! I never had heard anything so stupid in my life. Lovely photos and being passionate about photography is one thing, but letting it dictate what you do and where you go is completely wrong! Holidays and travelling are not meant to be ‘perfect’ but fun! Plus they are whatever you make it. My most favourite moments have always been unplanned or a certain extent. Knowing what I want to see in advance is great but I won’t plan my days down by the hour it’s just so ridgid and offers no flexibility. I find wandering is the best way to travel properly (but that’s just my view)

    I’m so glad you did indeed have an amazing time despite your ambitions for it to be ‘perfect’. The best moments are indeed unplanned <3



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