An Afternoon at Palmenhaus, Vienna

Whenever I go away I always tend to do posts about the trip as a whole, rather than the individual places I visit while there. I’ve started to realise that with so many incredible things to do and see that route isn’t the way I want me content to go and as a result I am going to start sharing more and more of the places I have loved while travelling.

Whether it be a restaurant I really enjoyed, the nicest hot chocolate I’ve ever tried or a really under rated tourist attraction - My latest life update tells you all about how I want to start telling you what I loved about each and every place I’ve visited.

And where better to start than the stunning Palmenhaus in Vienna, Austria?

Palmenhaus Vienna 

On our second day visiting the Vienna with Altovita we decided to visit Schönbrunners palace and all of its counter parts - including the zoo and Palmenhaus - literally translating to Palm House.

Having seen photos we knew what we were in for so we prepared by making lots of space on our cameras and phones (blogger problems, amirite?) so we could take a million and one photographs.

And that’s exactly what we did 😉

As Palmenhaus is a tropical treehouse with lots of different greenery and plants housed inside, the temperature needed to be kept much warmer than you’d expect for the UK. Especially when it was snowing outside…

We walked through the doors, showed our Vienna Passes (more about these soon) and went through the turnstile into the first part of the greenhouse. Immediately my glasses and camera lens steamed up so we decided to ditch out belongings in the makeshift cloakroom and walk around with only our cameras and phones.

It was much smaller than I had imagined inside but we still managed to spend a good 45 minutes to an hour in there, taking photographs, enjoying the atmosphere (not so much the temperature as my hair was getting frizzier by the minute) and attempting to take some candid ‘oh look at me enjoying Palmenhaus so delicately’ photos.

See exhibit A below. 

The Palm House is without doubt one of the most stunning steel and glass constructions of its time and was once used by the emperor as a place for relaxation and entertainment. It has since become a meeting place for locals as well as visitors to the Vienna.

When we had finished in the first room we spotted people going through a door that was slightly hidden, so we went through into another room that was much more colourful. It had a little bridge and a steam you could walk across and oh my gosh, I could have spent hours just sitting there listening to the water trickle along. Even with a couple of other people milling about it was so calming and relaxing, which was perfect after a busy few days.

Since visiting Palmenhaus I have discovered that there are a couple of places similar to this in the UK and other places across the globe, so I think I’m going to try and visit a couple of more if I can. I can’t quite put my finger on what I enjoyed about it so much, but I know I’d go again in a heartbeat. 

Have you ever visited a tropical house like this? 

Kirsty Leanne


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My visit to Palmenhaus was taken as part of my collaboration with Vienna Pass, however all views are my own.