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More Money-Saving Travel Hacks That Will See You On Holiday More Often

May 3, 2018

More Money-Saving Travel Hacks That Will See You On Holiday More Often

May 3, 2018

Travelling is one of the most enriching experiences you can have but you also need to learn to save money while on your actual holiday. Chances are that doing even one of the things outlined below could save you precious pounds.

Travel is becoming more expensive. The drop in the pound post-Brexit means inbound tourism to the UK is on the rise, although, it’s mostly more expensive for Brits to travel than it was before. The way forward is paved with holidaying smarter, without complete sacrifice.

Minimise the cost of car hire

Do you have a credit card with discounted vehicle hire rates as a reward? What are the local Uber rates and are there cheaper, reliable local services? Can you plan your itinerary so that most of what you want to see is within walking distance? This is possible in most countries in the Eurozone. Price comparison websites will help you weed out the most expensive options but compare apples with apples – check for the mileage, excess and insurance costs in each case.

Travel by coach or book indirect flights

If you’re going somewhere on the continent, do you really have to fly? Even a no-frills flight will cost you more than the many £20 coach routes available on National Express, for example. You’ll also save by stopping over somewhere – the weirder, the cheaper. You could even plan a half-day city tour in your wait time and essentially get to see two destinations for the price of one.

Keep it local when in North America

The best way to save money when in countries like America or Canada is to ensure you keep it local via a mobile phone sim swap, since roaming charges could affect your phone bill. This way, keeping in touch with friends and family or playing online games won’t be impeded by costly ramifications.

Game smart

Everybody likes to play games but saving money in this area is about finding local sites, which means no more dealing with proxy servers in order to keep your virtual entertainment. For instance, if you are visiting Canada and enjoy casino games, using local bonus sites, namely .ca, can help you save money on virtual chips and provide information about sites that are new to Canada such as Leo Vegas. This information usually includes details about the specific casino, bonuses like no-deposit spins, deposit match and free spins. It’s also important to read the terms and conditions to ensure you maximise the full benefits of the bonuses on offer.

City travel passes will save you a ton

Travel passes work differently in various cities but they’ll almost always save you pounds – and then some. That’s because you’ll also usually save on some meals and local attractions. Check for the discounts that come with the pass.

Travelling should always be fun but spending wisely during the time you’re away usually means more money in the holiday pot.

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