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Looking After My Health While Travelling

August 29, 2018

Looking After My Health While Travelling

August 29, 2018

As I’ve started travelling more and more, I’ve started to notice that most of the time I will return from a trip feeling incredibly run down. It’s not that I don’t take care of myself, but I definitely think there are things I can do to be a lot more mindful of my health while travelling.

Whether it’s a bad reaction to a bug bite, forgetting to pack sun cream or getting sick from something I eat – I can guarantee something will ALWAYS happen while I’m away. 

Make sure to drink plenty of water (and pack rehydration sachets for when I forget) – When I was in Bali a couple of months ago I suffered really bad from heat stroke and dehydration because I wasn’t drinking enough water for the hear it was. I DEFINITELY learnt my lesson so from then on I’ve made sure I’ve always had a big bottle of water with me while travelling.

I also found, after a few people recommended them to me, that rehydration sachets are amazing when you’re struggling with the heat. They don’t taste the best (the ones I had were kind of an off orange taste), but they help restore your electrolytes and any energy you may have lost from being unwell.

Learn more about my blood type and what foods my body reacts to – Whenever I go on a trip I always eat EVERYTHING I possibly can and I have been finding that when I get back home I feel super sluggish and run down. I’m starting to think that too much of certain things can be bad for me, and as my sister has started focusing on a blood type based diet, I think it would be great to find out what foods I should be eating in moderation based on my bloody type.

The Health Labs Blood Type Test Kit

The Health Labs stock a Blood Type Test Kit where you can determine your blood type representing markers (called antigens) on the surface of red blood cells. This test will indicate if you’re A, B, AB or O, and whether that blood type is positive or negative. Once you’ve taken the test it takes 1-3 days to get your results, with direct to consumer lab testing.

Pack antihistamines and sting relief – No matter where I go, I always seem to get bitten by some sort of bug and have a reaction. The worst I have had, however, was in Croatia last year. I was bitten on my ankle and it kept getting bigger and bigger, until it covered the entire of my leg. I had to go to the pharmacy several time to get different medications, however if I had packed antihistamines and sting relief cream with me I may have been able to prevent it getting quite so out of hand.

I now carry these in my bag where ever I am, although I did forget them on my latest trip to Prague and – you guessed it – I was bitten again!

Wear comfortable shoes – I always do a lot of walking when I’m travelling and 90% of the time I wasn’t wearing very supportive shoes. This is something I really needed to stop as I often struggle to keep up with anyone else when I’m in pain, so now I tend to wear trainers or Converse when I know I’m going to be on my feet for a long time.

Make sure to pack an emergency first aid kid, including plenty of paracetamol – I used to do this when I first started travelling but I soon stopped when I wasn’t using it. It turns out, when I don’t have it I need it and when I do pack it, I don’t. The morale here is to always pack it, I think…

Don’t forget sun cream – Obviously this doesn’t apply in the colder months, but as a red haired fair skinned girl – sun cream is VERY important. There have been plenty of times I’ve not packed it as I’m visiting a city rather than a tropical place, but that’s often where I get burnt the most!

What do you do to make sure you look after your health while traveling? 

Kirsty Leanne




  • Laura Haley September 3, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    I have also just started with the first aid kit again, after spending about an hour in Wroclaw trying to find a plaster! I didn’t know it was so easy to find out your blood group and the foods you don’t do well with. I’ll definitely be doing mine.


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