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A Long Weekend In Mallorca

July 31, 2017

A Long Weekend In Mallorca

July 31, 2017

Up until this year I had never been on an all-inclusive holiday before.

I know, shocking right?

I didn’t do the whole ‘girls holiday’ when I was younger and since I have been old enough to drink I’ve always gone away with my boyfriend at the time. Until this year, that is.

I wrote a post a few months back about why I don’t always go on holiday with my boyfriend and I stand by what I said - we don’t necessarily have all of the same interests when it comes to travel and don’t want to stop each other going somewhere on their bucket list. We have lots of things we want to do together, but Magaluf definitely wasn’t one of them.

So, as I’d never done a girls all-inclusive break before I had absolutely no idea what to expect. All I knew was I was bloody excited for sunbathing at the pool drinking ALL the cocktails.

If you’ve read my previous posts or read my tweets about how my holiday to Mallorca went you’ll already know that I lost my passport in the airport on the first day. It obviously wasn’t ideal, but I had an incredible time regardless.

We stayed at Globales Mimosa which was a 3-star hotel in Palmanova, about a 20-minute walk to Magaluf. It was pretty cheap and honestly, we got what we paid for. Cheap cocktails from a vending machine, a buffet each night and a room that left little to be desired.

Despite the hotel being pretty standard, the time we did spend there was so much fun. We spent a lot of time by the pool and did all the cheesy hotel games and activities including aqua-fitness, bingo and a music quiz that actually got pretty brutal by the end of it. All of which was made better by the constant flow of drinks and the amazing staff, even if they did nickname me passport girl.

Although we were only staying three nights there were a few things we wanted to do outside of the hotel - the first being a night out in Magaluf.

The original plan for our night out was to drink as much as we could at the all inclusive bar in the hotel and then make our way out around 11 - 11:30 pm. Instead, we ended up getting roped into a ‘Spring Break’ bar crawl which included a whole lot of bar games, free shots and a free bar from 12 pm. Of course, by the time we reached 12 pm we were a little worse for wear and couldn’t really take FULL advantage of the free drinks.

The night was one of the best I’ve had in a long time and although I was worried we’d be surrounded by 18 years olds, we actually had a right laugh. Are you even on bar crawl if you don’t ask everyone you meet how long they’re staying in the country for? 😉

The bar we were in, Mulligans, closed at 4:00 am but we didn’t actually make it home until around 6:30 am as we got so lost looking for our hotel and couldn’t find any taxis In the main part of the strip at all. Note to self: plan the route home BEFORE a night out.

It’s safe to say on Sunday there were some very sore heads so we spent 90% of the time by the pool until we felt alive enough to go to the beach.

We got to the beach as the sun was setting so it was incredibly quiet and so relaxing listening to the waves. I probably could have stayed there all night as I was dozing off, but instead, we decided to go and sit in a bar and watch the world go by. That was when realised how close we actually were to the strip, oops.


Despite having an absolute nightmare with my passport and money, I had the best time ever in Mallorca. I’m gutted I didn’t get to explore more of the Spanish Island but I think when you’re on an all-inclusive for the weekend it’s too tempting to just stay where the free drinks are.

I think if I did it again I’d go for a week so that I can fit in some excursions (I love a good water park) and maybe have a few more nights out in restaurants and bars as the food can get a little samey. I’ve never eaten so many bloody cheesy chips in my entire life. 

I’d also remember to pack books because I found that a lot of the time was spent at the pool and I didn’t have anything to do other than go on my phone, which was impossible to see with sunglasses on. When I go to Croatia in September I am 100% preparing myself with a weeks worth of reading, so much so that I’ve actually put together a mini-holiday-reading-wishlist in collaboration with Holiday Gems.

Paige Toon, The Last Piece of My Heart - I don’t think I could get any more cliche with this one as it is literally a book about a travel blogger. I love Paige Toon and if ‘The One We Fell In Love With’ is anything to go by this will also be an incredible holiday read.

Laura Marshall, Friend Request - I love a psychological thriller and as this one is based on social media I think it appeals to me so much more.

John Mars, The One - I first heard about this when one of my friends received it through an outreach campaign and the whole thing had me intrigued. I think the concept behind the book is one I’d find so interesting and wouldn’t be able to put down, making it the perfect holiday read.

J.K. Rowling, The Harry Potter Series - Can I include this one? I have read them all when I was much younger but with all of the Potter fever going around I have been so tempted to start them again. I feel like my best bet is to buy a Kindle and start them while on holiday as otherwise, I’ll never have the time to get through them all.

When is the next one girls? 😉

Kirsty Leanne




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