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Why London will Always be my Home Away from Home

August 28, 2017

Why London will Always be my Home Away from Home

August 28, 2017

This October, it will be three years since I left my little flat in London. I really didn’t want to leave, but I was a graduate with no experience struggling to find a job that didn’t want me to work for free. Eventually, after spending almost four years of my life living there, I regretfully called it quits and moved back to my home town to start gaining experience.

In the four years I spent there, London definitely felt like home to me and until I have the opportunity to move back in the distant future it will always be considered my home away from home.

Since moving back to my home town I try to go back as often as I can and every single time I do it’s almost as though I have never left.

I navigate my way through the crowds effortlessly, I remember all of the fastest tube routes and I can still find somewhere to sit when it seems impossible in a busy bar.

When I’m back it really does feel like I’m home.

I remember just before I moved to London I was so scared to move to a city, especially at the age of 18 – it honestly seemed like something I’d never do, despite wanting to be successful in business. I liked my quiet life where evenings were spent cosying up in my onesie with a cheesey film. I was comfortable where I was, but after a few short months in London I had gotten over my fears and fallen in love and thought I’d never leave.

I was living in student accommodation Shoreditch so there was always something exciting nearby and weekends were spent exploring as much of the city as I could on crutches. Yep, that’s right. Five days before I moved to London I broke my foot and tore a ligament, so I spent my first 5 months there on crutches. I didn’t let that stop me, and I have so many photos of me hobbling around.

Those four years of my life were incredible, but oh my gosh did they go quick.

In fact, looking back now there’s so much I miss, including the little things I took for granted.

Discovering new, independent restaurants and stores by taking a wrong turn somewhere.

If you miss a train it’s normally only a couple of minutes until the next one.

Living next to Big Ben and hearing it chime every hour.

When you’ve been out on the wine and not having to worry about getting home as there is usually a night bus heading your way.

Booking spontaneous theatre tickets by walking past as you can see there are still tickets available.

Always having something to do or someone to see – I didn’t realise how much I’d take this for granted but I now realise how quiet my life is in comparison.

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It’s the little things I miss most, I think. Some one please take me back to my home away from home?

Kirsty Leanne


  • Ben Zabulis August 29, 2017 at 6:39 am

    I know how you feel Kirsty, I quite enjoyed London too though I may have enjoyed it more had the pay been a bit better. I had a room in an Italian family’s house in Hendon, it was about all I could afford at the time – they were sweet people though !!The work was great and the people in the office some of the best and friendliest I have worked with. I only left really to go off and seek some adventure overseas, but that’s another story. Guess they won’t be hearing Big Ben for a while !


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