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London: When Things Don’t Go To Plan

September 5, 2017

London: When Things Don’t Go To Plan

September 5, 2017

If you know me well you’ll know I am a planner, especially when it comes to traveling.

If I know I’m going on a trip I’ll start researching as soon as I possibly can, finding the best places to stay, eat and explore. If I’m going with my boyfriend I’ll usually try to plan out each day in advance, looking at the best ways to do everything on my list based on public transport routes.

In fact, in Paris, I spent out first night drawing out possible routes on the free hotel maps…

I’ve mentioned my planning in a couple of posts before, but what I haven’t spoken about is what happens when things don’t go to plan, which happens a lot more than you’d think.

Recently I went on a day trip to London to hand the forms for my fast track passport. I booked my trains in advance and planned in some time to hop on a bus around the city (I love #viewfromthebus photos so wanted to try it out) before heading home.

I did some research, got some inspiration and loosely planned which routes I wanted to go on to get the best photos without straying too far from the train station.

When I came out of my passport appointment in Victoria I noticed that there were no buses anywhere. I walked down to the bus station as I knew I’d be able to get on one there and saw that it was taped up. Apparently, there was an animal rights demonstration on and most buses north of the river were not running. Great.

The idea of getting the tube and having a two and a half hour wait at Euston for my train was the last thing I wanted to do, so although I struggle to walk due to health issues, I decided I’d walk as far as I could.

At first, I had no idea where I was going as I’d never walked in the direction I was heading, but I was following all of the other diverted people. Before long I realised I was making my way towards Westminster, a stone’s throw away from my University accommodation.

As I’d originally planned to take photos for my Instagram I decided that’s exactly what I’d do. I walked slow, tried new things with photo composition (I seem to like framing things with nature lately) and had the nicest, relaxing hour I think I’ve ever had in London.

I’m also really impressed with the photos and it’s made me want to book a train back to London soon just to spend the day walking around taking photographs as when I lived there, it was stuff I’d see every day that just seemed normal to me.

I think I really need to stop planning everything in so much detail, or at least make the most of a situation when things don’t go to plan. 

Kirsty Leanne



  • Jennie September 6, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    I tend not to plan in too much when I go somewhere, I love finding new places by chance. A couple of things each day of course so I don’t get lost and end up doing nothing but in between I like the spontaneity. Seems like you did too on this occasion 🙂 x


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