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Lifestyle: Holiday Memories

September 18, 2015

Lifestyle: Holiday Memories

September 18, 2015
If there is one thing I love, it’s going on holiday with my friends or family. I don’t get the chance to go often as money is always an issue, but when I do, the memories I make there are unforgettable.  Below, are some of my favourite holiday memories that I have been able to catch on camera…
Holiday memories
The first image is a picture of me and my best friend from America, Roxana. I was in California with her at the time and she took me to Laguna Beach to see the sunset, something that has been on my bucket list for a long time. We made some tuna pasta, packed snacks and headed off to the beach for one of the best nights I have had in a long time.
Before it started to get dark we went exploring on the rocks, almost getting trapped in by the sea as we went too far out. It was a little scary, and of course, I panicked, but we managed to find our way back in the end with the help of her boyfriend. Watching the sunset on Laguna Beach was absolutely amazing and surreal; I just had to capture this perfect photo.
This is memory is one that is extremely special to me because I haven’t been able to see Roxana since 2012 as we live 1000’s of miles apart. We make time to FaceTime when we can, but having such a close friend live so far away is so hard and is why I cherish every memory we have together.
The next photo is a picture of me and my boyfriend on holiday in Venice. Last year my better half surprised me with a trip to Italy for Valentines Day as our first holiday together, and to date, it is one of my favourite holidays I’ve had so far. Obviously, the trip was in February, so the weather was absolutely terrible. It rained the entire time and the place was flooded so much that we had to travel everywhere by boat walk on little platforms to get around.
This picture was taken after a huge rainstorm (explains the hair and makeup) and we stopped to have something to eat. My boyfriend is eating a huge piece of white chocolate that he just had to buy at the time, god knows why! Just as I was about to take a selfie he shoved it in his mouth and jumped into the picture, making it one of my favourite photos of the holiday.
Every time I look at this picture it reminds me that no matter what a holiday can throw at us, we always know how to have fun. We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits once and enjoyed every second we spent in Venice.
In my first year of University I met some amazing people, however, one of my closest friends had to move back to Boston at the end of the year. So, when I was in California I took advantage of being in the states and flew to Boston before heading home.
I was only there for a few days, but being able to see the things she had been telling me about her home down was absolutely amazing. I love anything to do with America so being able to see the smaller, lesser-known places was an absolute dream for me.
While staying there we went on a day trip to Natick to go pumpkin and apple picking. It was coming up to the end of September so it was a perfect time, not to mention everything looked stunning as the leaves were starting to change colour. I LOVE Autumn so much, and it is super pretty in Boston.
This picture is my favourite from the trip and one of my favourites of all time because it reminds me of the amazing time I got to spend with one of my closest friends. We don’t get to see each other often as she is living in London with her husband (another of my close friends and one of my flatmates from University, who she met in our halls!) but whenever we do speak it is like there is no distance at all.
The final picture is a really old one, but possibly my favourite picture of all time. It’s a picture of me, my sister and my brother sat on a wall at the harbour in Penzance, Cornwall. Cornwall is my favourite place in the UK (I’m a beach-y person, if you hadn’t guessed already) and we didn’t get to go there on family holidays often as it is so far away from the Midlands!
I think in this picture I was about eight or nine, but it seems like it was just yesterday, especially my brother carrying around his Pilchard teddy everywhere. SO CUTE.
I haven’t been on holiday with my family since 2007, however this picture makes me think about the amazing times we did have and gets me excited for our first holiday with us all together again next year. I don’t think I could ever grow out of going on holiday with my family and I wish I could do it every year.
So, there are my favourite holiday memories so far. What are some of yours?
Kirsty Leanne
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