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Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel | Travel

September 13, 2018

It’s not very often both me and my boyfriend travel together due to his lack of holidays days, but on the rare occasion we’re both leaving the house for an extended period of time one of the things we worry about is whether or not it’s safe.

We’re currently renting an incredible place in my home town and whilst we don’t have to worry about important things like kitchen refurbishments, we do have to worry about keeping the house safe whilst we travel.

Now that we’re adults and have real responsibilities (ugh) we have to consider everything before we travel. Is everything locked up safe? Have we left any valuables out on show? Did we turn all of the appliances off? There’s so many things that could happen when you’re away - even if just for a few days - that keeping your home safe while you travel can actually be quite a big job.

As we’ve now done this quite a few times since living on our own, I’d like to think we’re pretty well experienced. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of best tips for those that may not have left their home before.

Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel

? Make sure you lock EVERYTHING before you go - I’ve put this first as it seems like the most simple of tips, but seriously, make sure everything is locked. This includes front and back doors, upstairs and downstairs windows, utility cupboards, sheds, your garage…. basically EVERYTHING.

? Try and make it look like your house is still being ‘lived in’ - We’ve lived in some very questionable areas over the last few years, so it’s always a worry that when we leave people will be notice, therefore leaving us in a compromising position. Before we leave the house we put a couple of lights on and keep the curtains open in a few of the rooms, just to make it look like we’re still there.

? Don’t make a big fuss when you leave - Similarly to the above point, if you’re loud and make a massive fuss when you leave the house with your suitcases, people are bound to notice and guess you’re going to leave your house empty for a certain period of time.

? Secure your house with alarm systems - Although this should be a given, not everyone has a security alarm on their house. Get yourself kitted out with an alarm and let a trusted neighbour know to keep a listen out for any issues. This could be a motion sensor, and entire security system or a door alarm. The Home Security Store has some great systems on their website, so if you’re unsure what is best for you definitely give their site a visit.

? Make sure you turn off all appliances - Although a bulgalry is probably more likely, house fires and floods often occur whilst people are off travelling. Before you leave TRIPLE CHECK that all appliances and taps are turned off - other than the obvious like your fridge and freezer. If you’re worried, ask a trusted neighbour or family member to stop by every few days.

Now I need to figure out how to keep my clumsy self safe while travelling (at least I have the general accident contact number to call if needed!)

Did I miss any tips? Let me know! 

Kirsty Leanne



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