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Isn’t It Time You Stepped Out Of Your Travel Comfort Zone?

August 9, 2018

Isn’t It Time You Stepped Out Of Your Travel Comfort Zone?

August 9, 2018


Some of us are born for adventure. We don’t think twice before jumping on a plane and heading out to some of the most glamorous and exciting places around the world. And let’s face it; there are some absolutely amazing experiences awaiting those with a thirst for travel.

As examples, you could…

  • Dive into the Great Barrier Reef and don a snorkel mask, submerging yourself into one of the greatest bodies of water in the world. Or you could…
  • Get in touch with your spiritual side in India, visiting the country’s most sacred cities, or climbing to the top of the Himalayas for some real alone time. Or even…
  • Get your motor running on a road trip in the USA, driving through some of America’s greatest highways and byways, taking part in some epic road trip highlights, from Route 66 to the incredible Monument Valley. And you could…
  • Go to any of the incredible places in the world, those far-flung travel locations that will change your life forever. The world is your oyster, and cost-permitting, there are so many places available to you!

Unless, of course, you are afraid or unwilling to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You see, while there is a whole world of adventure out there, with beautiful locations and incredibly diverse cultures, some of us are hesitant about stepping out beyond what we are used to.

Some of us…

  • Don’t travel at all, being content to see the world through the movies we see on the television. And besides, considering some of those movies include Jaws and Volcano, they might even put us off travelling anywhere remotely exotic anyway! But then again, we may be happy to stay put, preferring to…
  • Have a summer staycation, preferring to visit the places that are closest to us, rather than jumping on a plane. And to be honest, that’s okay. There are some great places to visit in the UK, and at least you are travelling somewhere, rather than nowhere. But some of us…
  • Visit these places, or even the occasional country abroad, because we are familiar with them. We stay in the same hotels, eat at the same places, visit the same locations, and do what we did last year and the year before that. There is nothing wrong with this, but considering there is a wealth of places to add to any travel bucket list, it is still worth venturing elsewhere occasionally. There are good reasons why you should step out of your comfort zone.

By stepping out of your travel comfort zone, you will…

  • Meet new people, be they other tourists or local residents. You can build new friendships, learn more about local cultures and the way other people live, and have the opportunity to extend your social circle far beyond the people you know in your hometown.
  • Discover new things about yourself. By stepping away from your home comforts and everything that is familiar to you, you will discover previously untapped hidden resources, as you learn more about yourself and the things you can do. You will experience personal growth as you visit new places, and while stepping out of your comfort zone is a challenge, you will gain the ability to deal with it.
  • Overcome your travel phobia, which may be the reason why you struggle to step out of your comfort zone in the first place. Many people are scared about other cultures, and stepping on to unfamiliar terrain. Getting on a plane is difficult enough for some of us. But the best way to overcome any phobia is to confront it, as you should discover reality isn’t as bad as your fears dictated.
  • Do things and see things that are hard to find in your own country. The experiences you have will be many, from tasting exotic new foods to engaging in travel adventures that most definitely will push you out of your comfort zone, but you may never regret pushing yourself into doing them.

So, after considering everything we have said thus far, what do you think? For all we know, you regularly step out of your comfort zone. From the peaks of Macchu Picchu to the depths of the best diving spots in the world, there is nowhere you haven’t been. On the other hand, you may be a nervous traveller, or you may be unsure how to venture out of your comforting bubble. What to do, where should you go, how to get started…



For inexperienced travellers, our advice is this:

  • If you are afraid to travel somewhere new alone, then buddy up with others. If you have friends or family members looking for an adventure away from the norm, then share the experience with them. You will have somebody to watch your back, and you can all support each other. On the other hand, join a travel group. While you will, in all likelihood, be travelling with complete strangers, you may meet somebody as nervous as you, or somebody experienced to show you the ropes. You might also make some new friends, or even a romantic partner, especially if you take a singles holiday!
  • Unsure where to go? Then explore this website, as we have covered many travel locations, from the best of Europe to the far locales of Asia, as well as giving you handy travel tips. And if you really have to click away from what we have to offer, there are loads of other travel websites, with tips on where to visit depending on your interests, as well as advice on how to save money, what to pack, and what routes you should take. There is so much advice online, that you will never be short for inspiration.
  • Download some travel apps. Again, for those of you afraid to venture out of your comfort zone, you can take comfort knowing that there are apps you can download onto your smartphone to help you with your travels. From road maps to eating locations, you can get all you need at the touch of your fingertips. Perfect for the nervous traveller, and perfect for anybody wanting to make the most of the place they are visiting.




If you really want to step out of your comfort zone…

  • Scrap your travel itinerary! Take the roads less travelled, be spontaneous, and provided you haven’t decided to visit a particularly dangerous country, lose yourself to an incredible adventure that would only be limited by hours and hours of careful planning.
  • Rather than travelling with others as a safety net, consider going solo. With less people to rely on, you will be forced to depend on yourself, but that can be a good thing. To truly grow and discover more about what you are capable of, deciding to go it alone will be one experience that will change your life forever.
  • Get rid of all of your home comforts! Truly getting out of your comfort zone means forgoing a night in a hotel and roughing it in a tent or a youth hostel. You won’t have the luxury of a hot shower or room service, but do you really need them anyway? Going out of your comfort zone is your opportunity to experience a lifestyle you are unaccustomed to. Rather than relying on materialistic things, you will come to rely on yourself and the natural world around you! And yes, that might mean peeing in a bush rather than an ensuite toilet!
  • Have an adventurous mindset. You could do all the usual touristy things, and you could still opt for things you have experienced before, even when you do visit somewhere new.  But instead, opt for those things that are unique to you. Try new foods when eating out, talk to people that aren’t part of your group, do activities that you have never tried before, and choose to do anything that will take you beyond your limits.

Listen, you will never know what you are capable of until you push yourself further. If you have found yourself bored with doing the same old thing, year in and year out, then you are never going to grow. Life is too short to always stay within your comfort zone. There will come a time when you are older, when you are no longer in a position to travel far, and you may regret not stepping out of your comfort zone earlier. You will listen to friends who will regale you with their many travels in life. You will switch on the television and see places you never explored. And you will take a deep sigh, wishing you had done something earlier. Or, you could…

Get to that place in later years where you feel your life has been enriched. You dared to do something different, you saw places you that blew your mind, you experienced something that was life-changing, and your life has no regrets. So, think about it. Where do you want to be?

Isn’t it time you stepped out of your comfort zone?



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