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Why I Love the Beach

August 19, 2017

Why I Love the Beach

August 19, 2017

If I had to pick one place where I am at my happiest, I’d have to go with it is when I’m at the beach.

Although I love the hustle and bustle of a city and would absolutely love to live in London again, there’s something about walking along the beach that makes me feel so calm and happy.

As I’ve just come back from a holiday in Mallorca where I finally got to spend some time in my happy place (after YEARS of no beach getaways) I thought I’d share some of the reasons I love being beside the sea…

Why I Love the Beach

  1. I feel like looking out onto the horizon and getting the feeling that there is a never-ending world out there to explore is so exciting, isn’t it? I feel like I should start singing ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana as it pretty much sums up how I feel.


  1. I could sit and listen to the waves all day. It’s such a relaxing feeling, especially when all of the crowds have died down and the sun has started to set.


  1. Watching the sun set over the horizon is one of the most incredible things to watch.


  1. The only time my natural curls ever go remotely nice is after I have been in the sea. Gotta love that natural sea water.


  1. I love watching all the boats go by, wondering where they’re going and who is on them. I’m actually petrified of being on small boats, which breaks my heart as I love the sea.


  1. Walking along the beach at night is probably the only time I enjoy walking. When I was younger we used to go on holiday to Wales and although it’s not the most tropical of places, walking along the seafront in the evenings was always so much fun.


  1. BEACH + FRIENDS = THE BEST DAY. This is a no brainer but spending the day at the beach with a group of friends makes for the perfect day. Grab a couple of drinks, make a picnic and spend the day sunbathing, swimming in the sea of digging holes (if you’re anything like my boyfriend).


  1. I love food and for some reason food at the beach is just so much better. You can’t go wrong with enjoying and ice cream while watching the world go by on the beach.


What I’m wearing

I couldn’t resist sharing one of my current favourite outfits with you and as this was shot at the beach (by the incredible Ashton Jade), I thought it tied in perfectly with this post!

The outfit, barring the sunglasses, is entirely from one of my favourite high street stores – Yours Clothing*. They stock clothes in sizes 16-34, which is perfect for me as a size 24 that normally finds it hard to pick up things at high street prices.

This blue and multi tropical print dress was perfect for the walk down to the beach in Palmanova as it’s quite a thin material, meaning even though it was 30+ degrees I didn’t really get that hot. I love the detail in the bottom too – I’m pretty sure everything has little pompoms on lately but I am definitely not complaining. It’s also now in the sale – even better! 

The shoes are incredible – I never normally brave heels but these were so comfortable and easy to walk in (even for a klutz).

In the interest of staying true to my readers I DID take the shoes off to walk on the beach because OH MY GOD did my feet sink in the sand. Maybe not appropriate beach wear, but definitely beautiful nonetheless.  

Finally, the green tote bag was something I picked out specifically for my holiday as I thought the mint green matched most of the outfits I was taking, plus it was the perfect size for all my day to day bits. It did just the job, although I did get some stern warnings from my sister about it not having a zip… ooops.   

What is your favourite thing about the beach?

Kirsty Leanne


  • Molly August 21, 2017 at 11:36 am

    LOVE the dress and the shades! Hope you had a great holiday.

  • Ben Zabulis August 22, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Great article Kirsty, I’m also very fond of the beach and the sea – I always think that being near the sea helps you feel more a part of the world than being inland. Agree about the food too, isn’t that weird ? Incidentally I hail from Nottingham a bit northeast of Telford, but now live even further east having made it out to Hong Kong – happy travels !


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