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How to Prepare for a Holiday

June 21, 2018

How to Prepare for a Holiday

June 21, 2018

With the summer holidays fast approaching (I swear it was January like five minutes ago?) – lots of people will currently be booking themselves a cheeky little summer getaway, if they haven’t already of course.

I actually don’t tend to travel too much during the summer months as I don’t like to pay peak travel prices, HOWEVER I do have lots of experience in preparing for a holiday, so I thought I’d share some of my tips with you, regardless of the time of year you’re travelling. 

How to Prepare for a Holiday

✔️ Create a Packing List – having a packing list prepared before you actually start to pack is a great way to make sure you don’t forget anything. Whether it’s essentials like sun cream and antihistamines (I lead an exciting life) or your favourite swimwear, a list will ensure everything you’re meant to pack actually makes it inside your suitcase. 90% of the time, anyway…

✔️ Buy Travel Insurance – when I lost my passport in Magaluf I learnt the hard way that having travel insurance before you travel anywhere is SO SO important, that’s why I will never travel anywhere without it now. Whether you have a year long plan or book insurance with each trip you go on, it’s so vital to protect you from any costs that may incur during loss of documents, injuries or cancellations. It’s worth checking around different policies to see what they offer, as depending on how you travel what you need will vary.

✔️ Print out and organise all your Important Documents – this is a no brainer, but before you travel you’ll need to print out all the documents you need and pack them in your hand luggage. This includes your passport, hotel information, boarding passes and anything else you may need for your trip. 

✔️ Sort out your Travel Money – sorting out your travel money before you go will save any additional costs at the airport as they ALWAYS ramp up the prices. The best time to get it is either really far in advance, or at least five days before you travel so you get the current exchange rate without the fear of them not ordering in enough currency in time.

✔️ Plan your Route to the Airport/Book a Car Parking Space – depending on how you’re getting to the airport you’ll need to plan in good time how you’re going to get there on time. Whether it be by train, coach or driving you always need to factor in the possibility for delays, as there is nothing worse than panicking that you’re going to miss your flight. If you’re driving you can avoid paying extortionate amounts for airport parking by booking in advance. The sooner the better too! 

Tip: If you’re looking for discounts on train tickets, you could always check out what offers are available on dealsdaddy. If you’re staying in a hotel over night, there are hotel discounts available with dealsplanet.

✔️ Tell your bank – if you plan on using your bank card abroad, telling your bank you’re going away will prevent your card being blocked for fraudulent activity.

How do you prepare for a holiday? Did I miss anything?

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