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Why don’t you go on Holiday with your Boyfriend?

April 25, 2017

Why don’t you go on Holiday with your Boyfriend?

April 25, 2017

Lately, I seem to be getting asked the same question over and over and over, so I thought I’d take the time to clarify a few things.

A couple of weeks ago I went on holiday to Poland with Ashton Jade. You know the one? Killer Instagram, amazing blog posts and incredible photographs. Yeah, her. In fact, in less than two weeks’ time we’re heading off another girly adventure to Amsterdam with a couple of other bloggers. Why?

Because we can.

It’s all good fun of course, but whenever I mention that I have not one but TWO holidays booked with friends (so far) this year, people seem to immediately raise an eyebrow.

And I know exactly what they’re thinking.

‘That’s great Kirsty, but why aren’t you going on these holidays with your boyfriend?’

In fact, most people just ask me outright why I didn’t go with him and forget all subtlety.

The worst kinds of people are the ones that look at me with pity, almost as though my boyfriend has better things to do than spending time with me.

I can’t believe I am having to explain this to anyone, let alone a number of people I have had to over the last few months – but we can be together without actually having to do EVERYTHING together.

Believe it or not, my partner and I do have some separate interests.

I LOVE America and would love to do a huge American road trip (hence why I have a solo Trek America trip booked for next April), while his main priority is to see as much of Japan as he can. We’re both young, we both trust each other and we both want to travel – so why does it seem so unusual for us to want to go on holidays alone?

We do go on holidays together quite a bit (especially when it’s somewhere we both want to go) but while we’re reasonably young and have no real responsibilities, like our own house or kids, we want to visit as many places on our own bucket lists as we can – even if it means going on trips without one another.

We want to experience things together, but while money is a constraint we don’t want that to be the thing that holds us back from visiting our dream destinations. To me, it just feels like what you should do in a relationship. We’re amazing together but we’re also great apart.

Maybe when we’re better off we can take each other on a tour of all our favourite places in the world. ✈️

What I’m Wearing

I find it so hard to want to wear jeans, but when they’re paired with a top as gorgeous as this one from the Boohoo Plus range, I really don’t mind.

I love the Western-themed print and have even started wearing it as an off the shoulder dress with leggings and a belt around the waist as it’s pretty lengthy. It was super comfortable to wear, even when walking around Poland all day and – SHOCK HORROR – the shoulders didn’t ride up every time I moved (aka the worst thing about bardot tops).

Do you go on holiday without your boyfriend?

Kirsty Leanne


  • Aine April 26, 2017 at 9:35 am

    That’s annoying that people ask that! How ridiculous, I mean really. I’ve never done a girly holiday but I have done the odd trip with my friends. I’m flying home soon on my own to see friends and family – my family were wondering why my husband isn’t coming…. never mind that he wants to see his own family but just because we’re now married, it doesn’t mean that he has to come with me everywhere! Good on you both for being independent and seeing the world how you want to. High fives batwoman

    Honestly Aine

  • Aimee April 26, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Tbh, I don’t think I could go on holiday without my fiance. He’s my best friend, and I feel so lonely without him. And I want to experience everything with him; new places etc. BUT, I’m very easy to please. I have no real desire, like you do, to see certain places and neither does he. So we just pick somewhere warm and go. We’re not really keen tourists. I don’t see why you should have to explain yourself, it must get so frustrating for you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going on holiday with your best friend, your mum, your nan even. Whoever you want. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you give up separate interests!!

  • Milly April 26, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    I TOTALLY GET THIS. I travel both with and without my boyfriend, and the amount of times people have been SO confused that we don’t travel everywhere together. Especially when I travel solo! But when he goes on a lads trip, no one bats an eyelid…siiigh.

  • Chelsea April 27, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    Totally I’m always off on road and skill trips without him. I’ll take him where possible but sometimes a solo trip has to be done! I mean if you can’t live without someone you’ve to ask whether if they’re your partner it they’re your crutch ….

  • Chelsea April 27, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Totally I’m always off on road and skill trips without him. I’ll take him where possible and vice versa but sometimes a solo trip has to be done! If you can’t live without someone being by your side 24/7 you’ve to question whether they’re your partner or your crutch ….

  • Maria May 12, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    This is great! So many people think you have to do everything with your partner! And it’s great to go on some trips together but not everything

  • Maria May 12, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    This is great! So many people think you have to do everything with your partner! And it’s great to go on some trips together but not everything for example my bf want to go and work in Houston for a summer and he can do that by himself without me ?

  • Megan May 18, 2017 at 12:05 am

    This was a great read! Japan and the US would be so expensive for you both to do both of, so if you aren’t really interested it doesn’t make any sense to spend all that money when you could just go separately. It’s nice to explore new places with other people too – there are places I’d love to visit with my friends but don’t think my boyfriend would love!


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