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Flying to Wroclaw with Wizz Air

February 1, 2018

Flying to Wroclaw with Wizz Air

February 1, 2018

Wizz Air

I don’t know about you but when I am booking flights I am always really conscious of the airline that I use, especially if it’s a flight over more than a couple of hours.

If it’s an hour long flight to somewhere like Paris or Amsterdam I am not AS bothered by who I book with, but for someone who gets very uncomfortable sitting in one place for a long period of time I need to know exactly what to expect.

Flying to Wroclaw

When looking at flights to go back to Wroclaw in Poland (for the third time) I noticed that the only airline that flies there from my local airport was Wizz Air and having flown with them before, I knew if I was going to fly back there, I could trust them.

So, when Wizz Air offered to fly me back to my favourite city in return for a review of my experience, I couldn’t really say no, could I? I had originally planned to go in November but due to not being able to get the time off work I rearranged for late January, which came around MUCH quicker than I had expected.

So, having just got back and with my flight fresh in my mind I thought I would split my review up into four different categories – Booking, Organisation, Comfort and Experience.

Booking with Wizz Air

Booking on the Wizz Air website was super simple, and within seconds our tickets were booked. Although this time around Wizz Air booked my flights and sent the confirmation over to me, when I booked my first ever flight with them all I needed to do was use their simple search function, find the best flights or me, enter a couple of details and pay.

I often find with some places you get taken through a million and one different webpages before your flight is finally confirmed and it always makes me worry that there are additional charges being thrown in. With Wizz Air,, they are upfront about what extras you need to pay from the get go.

For example, when booking a standard ticket you can only take ONE bag into the hold. Although this is a little bit of an inconvenience when you want to carry a handbag too, there is the option to upgrade to priority for not much more.

Not only will priority booking get you first access to the plane, but it also allows you to take one medium bag and one small bag onto the plane with you. Well worth the upgrade, if you ask me. 

Flight Organisation

Checking in was actually really easy, especially as I was able to check in for both flights before I left.

Using the confirmation code in my first email and my last name, I was able to find my booking straight away and after entering our passport details I was given the option of downloading the PDF boarding pass, printing them off or downloading the mobile version on their app. As I am a bit of a worrier, I decided to go with printing mine as I wouldn’t know what to do if I was to lose/break my phone.

The boarding pass also included a detailed itinerary of what time we should be at the airport, what time we need to have checked out bags by, when we should be going through security and the time the gate closes. I loved this is as it gave us a chance to wander around the airport without worrying about whether or not we would late. We actually went through security pretty much instantly, giving us plenty of time for a pre-flight pint. 

Wizz Air Comfort

Rather than including this in the overall flight experience, I thought I would give comfort it’s own section as it’s so important to me. I have a really bad knee that if it is one position for two long it will lock in place and start to cause me intense pain, which in some cases makes flying an incredibly flying experience. Luckily, there was plenty of leg room on our Wizz Air flight, allowing me to stretch my legs out under the seat in front whenever I needed to.

Another thing I HAVE to mention is that the seat belts were long enough to fit me. I always get a really anxious feeling whenever getting onto a plane with an airline I’ve not flown with as at a size 24, there is a very high possibility the seat belt will not fit the whole way around my stomach. With Wizz Air it was a comfortable fit, with plenty of room to spare. More than I can say for most other budget airlines…

There were drinks and snacks available to buy on board (as always) and although £5 was pretty steep for a bottle of water and some Pringles, I kind of expect it for in-flight prices now.

The only negative I have when it comes to comfort is that the seats were made of the horrible leather that you get on a Ryan Air flight and although it wasn’t warm, just the thought of sticking to the seats is horrible enough.

Overall Flight Experience

The overall flight experience, both there and back was actually pretty good. I would 100% fly with Wizz Air again and will definitely be booking priority as it makes so much difference being able to be one of the first ones on the plane.

The only negative I had with the entire experience was that when flying back, the plane was running a little bit late. This meant that while we were standing to board, the passengers getting off the plane were walking past us. I’ve never experienced that before as I know they like to have everyone off before they ask you to queue for boarding, so it was a bit of an odd experience as we were left queuing for a long time with no explanation. 

Once everyone was off the plane and it had passed our departure time, we were moved to the plane doors where we had to continue to queue whilst they cleaned the plane. Admittedly they did this VERY quickly, but the overall delay meant that we were late for our train home and we had to add another two hours to our journey while we waited for the next one.

Other than that short unfortunate delay, both the flight there and back were a pleasant experience.

Where should I fly with them next? 

Kirsty Leanne




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