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For someone who travels a lot, I rarely get the opportunity to fly from my closest airport - Birmingham.

Most of the time it works out that I can’t get to my destination easily, or it’s much cheaper to fly out of other UK airports (mainly Manchester and London).

Luckily, flight operator have recently increased the number of destinations that they fly to from Birmingham, so travelling the world from my doorstep has never been easier. With popular destinations like Malaga, Ibiza, Paphos, Zante and Menorca - it now feels like a relaxing break is never too far away. 

But why is travelling from my local airport so important to me? 

As someone who travels a lot, minimising the amount of travel I actually have to do to reach a destination makes things so much easier for me. I often lose days before and after a trip as I am travelling to the airport, often having to pay for a hotel the night before.

Being able to jump on a train or grab a taxi to Birmingham airport is absolutely IDEAL for me, as either way it roughly takes around 45 minutes to arrive. Even with an early morning flight, the cost of the taxi is nothing in comparison to travelling as far as Manchester and London. 

Flying with to Dubrovnik

Now, the purpose of this post is to tell you all about my recent experience flying with from Birmingham. We had a holiday planned to go back to Croatia - as we loved it so much last time - and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to work with such an incredible brand. For complete transparency, both mine and my boyfriends’ flights were gifted to us in exchange for this honest review.

On the way to Dubrovnik, we had an early morning flight and whilst the early morning was not ideal, it meant we would be arriving in Croatia with plenty of time to explore on the first day. We booked a taxi and made our way to the airport around 3:30 am, ready for our 6:30 am flight.

Surprisingly, the airport was super busy at the time. I guess everyone had the same idea as us. 

Regardless of this, we were able to check our bags in (as we’d already checked ourselves in using the super easy online system the day before) and make our way to the departure lounge. As Birmingham has lots of great choices, we didn’t find ourselves short of incredible breakfast options. I actually had Nutella and Banana French Toast from Giraffe and it was INCREDIBLE. 

Shortly after we had eaten our breakfast we made our way to our gate. It was announced within good time (don’t you just hate rushing to get to your gate on time?) giving us another chance to sit down before we had to board.

Boarding the plane was a nice easy process and unlike some airlines, I didn’t feel as though we were overly rushed. We had a lovely welcome from staff, who looked much happier than we did for six in the morning.

Once we’d sat down we had to wait a little while for there to be a spot for us to take off, but it took a lot less than they thought it would and before we knew it we were taking off.

The flight experience was amazing and within in minutes of us being at the right altitude, we were being served drinks. Just the way it should be… 

I feel like the flight was as enjoyable as a flight can be, I was able to get some sleep as it was early, the staff were very attentive and both me and my boyfriend felt comfortable the whole time.

SO, what were the seats like?

You guys know how important space is to me on a plane and honestly, with I have absolutely no issues. It’s not very often I comfortably fit into an aeroplane seat but after a three-hour flight, I wasn’t feeling as though I was cramped at all. The belt fit with room to spare and my legs were not squashed up against the seat in front of me.

On the flight back a week later we were lucky enough to get a whole row to ourselves (despite being seated on separate rows on check-in), so we spread out and made ourselves comfortable. After a long and tiring week in Croatia, we definitely needed a relaxing flight home and that’s exactly what we got.


After flying with a couple of times now I can honestly say they’re one of the better budget airlines I have flown with. I’ll definitely be using them again to fly from Birmingham as it is so so convenient for me.

Have you flown with before? What did you think?

Kirsty Leanne


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