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Five Reasons to Visit Calvià this Autumn and Winter | Travel

November 12, 2018

Five Reasons to Visit Calvià this Autumn and Winter | Travel

November 12, 2018


If you’re anything like me you’ll hear the words ‘winter or autumn break in Spain‘ and think why the hell would I want to do that? 

Absolutely nothing is open and it’s too cold, right? Well, I’m here to prove you wrong as a few days ago I had the pleasure of enjoying the glorious Autumn sun in Calivià, outside of the main tourism season.

Where is Calvià?

Without realising, I’d actually been to Calvià last year when I visited Palmanova and Magaluf. 

”Calvià is a municipality on the island of Majorca, part of the Spanish Balearic Islands. It is located in the southwestern part of the island of Majorca, between the Serra de Tramuntana and the Serra de Na Burguesa.”

Calivà has:

  • 300 glorious sunny days
  • 36 INCREDIBLE beaches
  • 100km of hiking trails
  • 486 different cultural heritage items
  • 5 gorgeous marinas
  • 60,000 hotel beds

How to Get to Calvià

To fly to Mallorca you need to go to Palma de Mallorca Airport, which around 20 minutes to Calvià by car. During the summer there are regular flights to Mallorca from all major UK airports, however, during Autumn and Winter, it is best to do a search on Skyscanner to find the nearest airport for direct flights. From England, it is roughly a 2-hour flight. 

Where to Stay in Calvià Out of Season

Towards the end of October, the hotels and resorts in Mallorca start to close, with the exception of three - Calvià Beach The Plaza is one of these.

I can highly the recommend Melia’s Calvià Beach The Plaza after my three-night stay with them. As a newly renovated hotel in an excellent location, it has style, it’s incredibly clean and is within walking to distance to lots of great restaurants and activities.

Five Reasons to Visit Calivià this Autumn and Winter

Warmer Weather

Although it’s not the scorching 30 degrees we Brits love on holiday, Mallorca very rarely dips below 15 degrees during autumn and winter. It’s not exactly swimming weather, but it sure beats the average 5-10 degrees the UK has during this time. When I visited (the middle of October) the temperature was still in the low 20’s, meaning it was even warm enough to go for a quick dip in the pool.

Lots of Incredible Activities 

One misconception about warmer destinations is that over the cooler months there is very little to do. Whilst it may be true that lots of the main tourist attractions close over these months due to lack of demand, there is still TONNES you can do during a weekend trip to Calvià. From discovering hidden coves to electric biking along the coastline, the cooler weather doesn’t rule out everything.

Affordable Flights and Accommodation

Throughout Autumn and Winter, the demand for flights and accommodation in Mallorca is a lot lower than it is in Summer - ultimately making the overall cost of a weekend away relatively cheap.

Lots of Amazing Food 

There are so many incredible restaurants in Mallorca, that on my three day trip to Calvià I feel like I didn’t even start to make a dent in them. Whether you want local Mallorcan cuisine or something a little different, the Momentum Plaza in Magaluf is open all year round and has food from Spain, Japan, Italy, Argentina and much more!

Stunning Scenery and Rich History

I think most people in England think of Mallorca and immediately think of a week partying and sunbathing in Magaluf, am I right? I was guilty of this misconception before my recent trip, however, Mallorca is such a beautiful island that there is so much more to it than bar crawls and cheap shots. I’m hoping to go back and explore more of this beautiful island soon as I’d love to hear more about its rich history and see why so many people love this island and return year after year.

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