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Five Reasons I’d Love To Visit India | Travel

Although the list of places I want to visit is endless, one place that has been slowly working its way to the top of my list is India. If you had asked me a couple of years ago if I wanted to visit, I probably would have said no. I had a slight interest in seeing the Taj Mahal, but it wasn’t enough for me to consider booking a trip there.

Now that I’m a travel blogger and I’m surrounded by people visiting amazing countries on a daily basis, I’ve been able to get a more open and raw idea of what a trip to India is like. I’m able to see both the good and the bad, and honestly, it fascinates me.

I’m hoping one day I will get to visit this amazing country, but for now here are just 5 of the reasons I want to go to India:

The INCREDIBLE History and Culture

When it comes to India’s history and culture, I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like I could visit a million times and still not learn everything there is to learn about this incredible culture, but I’d definitely try to do best. From their religious festivals to their celebrations of life and death – my first trip is certainly going to be an educational one. 

Stunning Scenery and Views (Taj Mahal Anyone?)

The more I look at photos of India, the more I realise how beautiful it is. Although there are some incredibly stunning spots, I’m also interested in finding the beauty in the unexpected. Although India is a country that isn’t very well developed, for the most part, it’s definitely somewhere the heritage and culture shine through in every town.

The Delicious Food 

I LOVE Indian food, although I feel like I haven’t really had the chance to taste something that is authentic. Whilst restaurants here in the UK can try their best, I can imagine it just won’t be the same. 

When I have spoken to people that have visited India for themselves, they have said one of the best things was visiting the spice markets and experiencing all the different foods. As someone who loves to try local delicacies, food is definitely going to play a big part in my first trip (and probably the ones to follow…)

The Way Of Life

Although I don’t know a lot about the way of life in India, it’s definitely something I am interested in learning about, especially after hearing some incredible stories from friends who have visited themselves.

The Gorgeous Hotels

Finally, I have seen some absolutely gorgeous hotels in India and it’s made me want to visit even more than I did before. Whether it’s one of the amazing hotels in Jaipur or a hotel in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Dehli, I can’t wait to start planning my itinerary

Although it won’t be in the immediate future, I really hope that one day I get to experience the incredible country that is India. So, who is coming with me?

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