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Ever Considered Going on a Cruise?

October 12, 2018

Ever Considered Going on a Cruise?

October 12, 2018

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The feel about going on a cruise tends to be divided; in that there are two quite strong and distinct responses to the prospect, in that you are either in the camp of loving them and geeking out about the wonders of cruises, or you can’t think of anything worse.

In this way, it’s akin to marmite – you either love it or hate it.

There’s an idea that cruises tend to be the reserve of the older generations, yet that’s not strictly true, as more and more young couples are taking to cruises for a “trip of a lifetime” exploring multiple destinations without the stress or hassle of independent travel.

Indeed, cruises are becoming more and more popular with young newly weds to celebrate their honeymoon – so in this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits of taking a cruise from a young person’s perspective.

Everything is Taken Care Of

Independent travel has huge benefits in terms of cost saving, yet if you’re strapped for time, it can be a very time intensive process to find the best deals and plan the perfect itinerary – whereas, you could headover to Bolsover Cruise Club where everything will be taken care of for you.  This feeling of things being taken care of is not limited to the booking process; once onboard you will tend to have a hassle free experience where people are on hand to answer any questions and take care of you.

The Beauty of All Inclusive 

The beauty of all inclusive on cruises is that you don’t need to keep spending money on expensive meals out, indeed, there’s something reassuring and relaxing about knowing everything is included – whether you want a healthy breakfast to start the day or a plethora of cocktails to finish the night off.

When travelling, it’s very easy to spend way more than you were expecting on food and drink, particularly in popular tourist resorts – and especially in the Caribbean and America where many cruises are focused.  Therefore, budgeting for a cruise is a simple process that has an element of certainty in that you know once you have spent money on the cruise itself, other than spending money at each destination, everything is taken care of.

This feels a lot more carefree than having to worry about where to eat, searching for cheap restaurants and so on – it leads to a feeling of abundance and lets you enjoy the experience much more than having to keep getting your wallet or purse out.

Multiple Destinations

Cruises offer a chance to see multiple places without the hassle of transportation.  A lot of holidays involve flying to a destination and basing yourself in this area, meaning you don’t see all that much of a country or region, whereas a cruise allows you to see multiple places in a short period of time – keeping it interesting, ticking off more countries on your bucket list, and allowing you to travel in comfort rather than the perils of trains, planes and automobiles.

Have you ever considered going on a cruise? 

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