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Escaping to Lanzarote: Everything You Need to Know for an Exceptional Getaway

September 19, 2019

For incredible beauty and island life that is unbeatable, there is no better destination for the holidaymaker than Lanzarote. This beautiful oasis is one of the infamous Canary Islands and is located just off the west coast of Africa. Though closer to our southern continent, it is governed by Spain and has a very unique Spanish flair that is a must for all travellers. With help from this guide, you can plan your perfect getaway escape:

For the Villas

Although staying in a hotel can be a great way to make the most of your holiday, if you’re after some peace, quiet and luxury, then you should look at booking a villa. You can enjoy all the activities during the day but also take advantage of having some privacy in the evenings with your own pool.

Lanzarote Holidays can help you holiday in style with your family or friends on this stunning island and explore it to its fullest.

For the Views

There are some truly otherworldly views in the volcanic island of Lanzarote. Two you must absolutely make time to see are the views you can find in:

Timanfaya National Park

This park is volcanic, stunning, and is a great place to explore. Spanning over 50 square km, you will be able to enjoy a morning, afternoon, or the entire day in this unique and beautiful national park.

Mirador del Río

This clifftop is certainly one to see and definitely a great place to visit. Designed by artists in the 70s, it is both a great feature in the sky itself and offers some unique and unforgettable panoramic views of the island.

For the Beaches

You don’t go to a getaway island and ignore the beaches. To help you narrow down the coastline to beaches, you must see and lounge on while you stretch your toes in the sand, try out these top two:

Playa Blanca

White Beach, or Playa Blanca, offers white sands and crystal clear waters on the southern coast of Lanzarote. There is a resort there now as well, so you can enjoy modern amenities during your day beach trip.


If you want to enjoy water sports over lounging on the beach, head to Famara.

The Famous Lava Tubes

Lanzarote is a volcanic island, and one of the most unique and fascinating features is its lava tubes.

Jameos del Agua

This is a truly unique space, as it was created out of the lava tunnels and caverns that naturally feature on the island. Nowadays it holds concerts, has a restaurant, and a beautiful salt lake feature you won’t want to miss.

Cueva De Los Verdes

For a lava tube without all the fanfare visit this cave. It is located in a protected park and is definitely a sight you will never forget.

For the Art

Lanzarote is home to César Manrique, who has created a unique art environment for those who love culture.

The Cactus Garden

For a garden of a different variety visit the Cactus Garden. It can be found in a beautiful village and offers a unique take on the traditional gardens you have likely never seen before.

César Manrique Foundation

As stated before, one of the most famous artists from Lanzarote is César Manrique. His art has shaped the face of Lanzarote, which is why you should take the time to visit his studio and garden. Here you can enjoy art, beauty, and natural wonder as his home was built into an old lava tube.


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