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Where to Eat and Drink in Wroclaw

February 11, 2018

Where to Eat and Drink in Wroclaw

February 11, 2018

where to eat and drink in wroclaw

So, I am back from my THIRD trip to Wroclaw and although I haven’t visited all of the foodie places I would have liked to, I think it’s about time I created a post about my favourite places to eat and drink – don’t you?

I have tried my hardest to eat my way through the city but in a place where there are so many different options, I am finding it very hard to try everything.

With that in mind, I will 100% BE GOING BACK at some point in the (hopefully) near future and when I do I will be adding to this list, but for now, here are the places you HAVE to try when in the incredible city that is Wroclaw.

WARNING: This is going to be a very long post, so grab a cuppa/beer/prosecco. 

The Wroclaw Cafe’s

If there is one thing Wroclaw is not short of, it’s Cafe’s. They are EVERYWHERE and I am 100% here for that. I wish I had time to try more as one thing I have noticed is that every single cafe had it’s own personality and character, with the decor telling a different story each and every time.

paloma cafe wroclaw

Paloma Cafe

Paloma Cafe was a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t heard much about the cafe before visiting but it was a place the tourism board had recommended to me on my third visit, so I was really excited to try. We visited pretty early in the morning so we were actually the only people in there for a short while, which was amazing for getting the photographs I needed.

On first glance it’s quite a small cafe, however my Dad noticed that you could go through an archway which brought you into another, quieter seating area which had a coffee grinder in it. The main section of the cafe had plug sockets lined across the walls, which made me picture it as the perfect place to go and get some work done while enjoying a coffee.

We ordered a chocolate banana brownie each and then I also had a maple tea, while my Dad had a cappuccino. The maple tea was a mix of maple syrup, cinnamon, lemon, mint and hot water (of course) and it was bloody gorgeous. If it wasn’t so unhealthy I think I’d start every morning with a glass of syrup…

The banana chocolate brownie was incredible, and although not your typical breakfast, it still very much hit the spot after not eating since 5pm the night before.

Paloma Cafe, Plac Solny 8/9, 11-400 Wrocław, Poland

etno cafe wroclaw

Etno Cafe

Etno Cafe is a chain across Poland, however I was invited to visit the first cafe that was built in Wroclaw. Located in a ‘kiosk’ on Swidnicka street, this incredibly cosy cafe is definitely a gem in a very busy city. As we walked through the door we were greeted with what felt like the Tardis, as felt much bigger on the inside as it looked.

The decor was dark and cosy, and all the seats faced the outside of the building, meaning no matter where you were sat you could sit and watch the world go by with a drink.

We both ordered a hot chocolate, then got a Bounty brownie to share as the portions were absolutely huge and we had already eaten more than we could stomach that day. The hot chocolate reminded me a lot of the kind you would find in Paris – thick, rich and incredibly so so so delicious. If I hadn’t just polished off an ice cream I probably could have drank another it was that good – my Dad even said it was the best hot chocolate he has ever tasted.

The Bounty brownie was also incredible and very rich, which may not have been the best choice alongside the hot chocolate, but when on holiday, right? It had a light, coconut-ty cream nestled between a chocolate topping and oh my gosh, if I could have wrapped up the whole thing and brought it home, I would have.

Etno Cafe, Świdnicka 50, 50-996 Wrocław, Poland

nanan cafe wroclaw


I am not going to lie, I visited here purely because of how Instagramable it is. The walls are lined in pink, the chairs look like they’ve come directly from the made.com catalogue and the marble tables make for the perfect photo backdrop.

As we walked in we were greeted by a lovely waitress who kindly told me what every single cake was in English, as I probably would have picked something I didn’t like otherwise – as it’s not obvious what they are just by looking at their spherical selection. In the end I opted for the peanut butter cake, which was a combination of peanut butter, chocolate sauce, nuts and cinnamon. It wasn’t the BEST cake I ate on the whole trip, but it was worth the visit purely to say I had been.

NANAN, Kotlarska 32, 11-400 Wrocław, Poland

Bema Cafe

Bema Cafe is a little bit further out than the rest, but as we had spent a lot of time walking, we opted to get the tram from just outside our Airbnb. It was around five minutes for the entire journey and I would 100% say it was worth it for what may have been the best breakfast of my entire life.

Located on the other side of Cathedral Island, Bema Cafe is a coffee shop that specialises in specialty grains from good rosters, that are brewed in alternative ways. There were three different kind of coffee presses available, and although we didn’t try one ourselves, you could see that they were popular with guests.

As we stopped there for breakfast I decided to get a fresh orange juice, which was delicious, as well as the cheese omelette. My Dad had the ham and eggs, which I wish I had ordered after seeing it – the ham was chopped up into the scrambled eggs and served with the nicest wholemeal bread (the same that came with my omelette). I would definitely definitely definitely be going back there on my next visit, probably for the honey mustard dressing alone.

Bema Cafe, Bolesława Drobnera 38, 50-257 Wrocław

The Best Places for Dessert

I didn’t realise until my second visit to Wroclaw, but the city actually has a pretty big desert culture, with so many different things to try. I’m working my way off my list (i’m still yet to try the famous donuts), but here are a few of my favourites so far:

ice rolls wroclaw

Ice Rolls

Ice Rolls are something we can get in England, however it’s not something that is local to me so when I first saw them in Wroclaw I knew I had to try them. The ice cream is made fresh in front of you on a big frozen plate, then flattened and rolled into six or seven rolls which you can have in either a tub or cone. You can pick what ever ingredients you’d like chopped up inside – I went with After Eights – then can top your creation with whipped cream and either chocolate, toffee or strawberry sauce.

I’ve been back here a few times now and it is one of my favourite places, especially in the summer to get an ice cream.

Ice Rolls, Kuźnicza 10, 50-138 Wrocław

FC Nalesniki 

When I visited Wroclaw for the first time with Ashton, she broke the news to me that she had never tried pancakes before. Absolutely shocked that she had not had the joy of trying my FAVOURITE FOOD, I hunted down the nearest pancake place and marched her there accordingly. FC Nalesniki is just off of the main market square so it’s super easy to get to, and although it’s hard to get a table, it is very much worth the wait for an affordable crepe.

I ordered the Nutella Crepe (my favourite) and Ashton had the chocolate one and I have to admit, I wish I had ordered what she did as there was such a generous helping of chocolate that it looked to die for. Obviously crepes are pretty standard where ever you go, but these averaged at just under £1 and for a sit down dessert, that’s not bad at all.

FC Nalesniki, Kuźnicza 63/64, 11-400 Wrocław

bubble waffle wroclaw

Bubble Waffle

During my summer time visit to Wroclaw last year I discovered a very very small, hidden stand on the main square that I probably wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for the fact I saw someone walk away with waffles. Having not tried the bubble waffle trend yet I was excited to be able to try them for half the price I’d have been able to in the UK, so I ordered myself one with Snickers, ice cream and toffee sauce.

Although it took me a while to find the Snickers (it was side the middle bubbles omg) it was one of the nicest waffles I have ever had. I was gutted when they were closed during my next visit, but I presume they’re only open during the busier periods.

chimney cake bakery wroclaw

Chimney Cake Bakery

When the summer food festival was on during my second trip I found a stand selling something called Chimney Cake. It’s basically like a donut style batter wound around a stick while cooked, to help form a chimney shape. These are then served coated in sugar or cinnamon, or filled with things such as Nutella, nuts or ice cream. What I didn’t know is that just around the corner from my Airbnb, there was a shop called the Chimney Cake Bakery that sold some of the best combinations, so when I went back this year I decided to treat myself to a Nutella and chopped nuts one and IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

Chimney Cake Bakery, Oławska 4, 50-123 Wrocław, Poland

Where to Grab a Bite to Eat

Wroclaw isn’t short of places to go out for dinner and while I haven’t even scratched the surface, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites so far!

iggy pizza wroclaw

Iggy Pizza

I heard about Iggy Pizza through Dave (Man vs Globe) and as I always like to try pizza in whatever country I go to, I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity to give it a go. With the most AMAZING instagramable decor and incredible menu, I was already in love with Iggy seconds after I had sat down. Me and my Dad both ordered the Napoli sausage pizza, which was very similar to Pepperoni.

I’m not normally a fan of thin crust pizza, but this was seriously so so good. I would 100% recommend going here for lunch as it’s both affordable and delicious!

Iggy Pizza, Kuźnicza 10, 11-400 Wrocław, Poland

whiskey in the jar wroclaw

Whiskey in the Jar

Each time I have visited Wroclaw I have been back to Whiskey in the Jar as I absolutely love it there! I’m a sucker for American food and this is pretty much the menu theme for Whiskey in the Jar. There’s lots of burgers, grills, steaks and bbq sauce – basically meaning I am in my element. I’ve tried a couple of different dishes from here but my favourite has to be the grilled pork fillets with chips and ciabatta bread. The pork is seasoned perfectly, the chips have paprika sprinkled on them and they taste so delish dipped into the onion gravy sauce. I’m drooling just thinking about it ?

Another great thing about Whiskey in the Jar is their extensive cocktail menu. Obviously 90% of them have whiskey in which isn’t to my tastes, but they do an amazing frozen daiquiri that is probably around £3-4 when converted from Zloty.

Whiskey in the Jar, Rynek 23-24, 50-101 Wrocław, Poland

gluten appetit wroclaw

Gluten Appetit

Gluten Appetit is one of the places I was recommended to visit by Visit Wroclaw and I am so pleased they suggested it as I was dying to try polish dumplings (Pierogi). It’s much further out than the other restaurants, probably a ten minute tram journey (even longer if you miss your stop like we did), but I would honestly say it is worth the journey, especially as there is a shopping center nearby, so you could take a wander around there too.

The restaurant is much smaller than I was expecting but it was nice and cosy and again, the decor was amazing with lots of cacti and minimalist art on the walls, I loved it! We both ordered the beef and onion dumplings as we though it was a safe bet for our first time and oh. my. gosh. I could eat them over and over.

The dumplings were so soft and the meat inside had been shredding so that it literally melted in your mouth, it was incredible. Even the onions that glazed the dumplings were amazing, would definitely recommend paying them a visit for the dumplings alone – let alone the rest of the menu! 


On my first visit to Wroclaw me and Ashton really fancied some Italian food, so we googled our nearest one and came across Novocania in the main Rynek square. When you look at the outside it may be easy to miss, however when you step instead it has stunning stunning decor. In comparison to everywhere else I have visited this is more of a sit-down-fancy-meal-with-wine kind of place, but the food was so nice I couldn’t leave it off my list.

I ordered the bruschetta to start which was probably the best I’ve ever had, then the bolognese as a main. I actually preferred the bolognese in Novocaina much more than I did any I tried in Italy, which is baffling, right?

Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a chilled, delicious meal to enjoy with gorgeous wine.

Novocaina, Rynek 13, 50-996 Wrocław, Poland

Dinette Wroclaw


Again,  think this is somewhere Dave (Man vs Globe) recommended to me after his visit and it was completely unplanned that we ended up here. After visiting the Sky Tower viewing exhibition on our last day we were looking for somewhere to grab something to eat and found that as well as being on Swidnicka, there was also a Dinette in the Sky Tower building. Absolutely starving, we decided to give it a go.

I ended up ordering an egg bagel as it was an acceptable brunch time, and my Dad got the BLT sandwich. It was probably one of the messiest bagels I have ever eaten as it was filled to the brim, but it was delicious all the same. I’ve never had scrambled eggs that taste that good, but I know that I want to recreate them at home! 


The Best Places for Drinks

Finally, what would a trip be without a couple of drinks? Where ever you go in Wroclaw there are bars and restaurants to grab a drink, so here are some of the ones I know I’ll go back to every time:

so jutra wroclaw

Do Jutra

Do Jutra was the final place Visit Wroclaw recommended I visit and after getting lost trying to find their new location that had only been open a week, we were so glad we persevered to find it. The bar is another small and cosy venue, with a really chic feel to it with the brick walls and neon lights – something I have noticed a lot of in Wroclaw bars and cafes and I REALLY love how important decor is to them.

As well as serving a mix of different cocktails they also sell bar food, which was 90% Mexican (something I can definitely get on board with). We both ordered the beef quesadillas which came with sour cream, salsa and mayo. I asked for mine without mayo as I thought it was an unusual condiment to have with Mexican food, however I soon discovered (from my Dads order) that it was delicious. Damn.

We both also ordered a cocktail each and after not being able to decide what to have the lovely bar tender made me one of his favourite drinks. When I saw him reach for the gin I told him I’m not a fan of gin as it’s too bitter and he said to trust him, so of course I did. When paired with the raspberry liquor and the other cocktail ingredients, I actually really liked it! It didn’t taste bitter at all and instead was a gorgeous, sweet and fruity drink that I unfortunately cannot remember the name of.

Do Jutra was one of those places that you stumble upon an instantly fall in love with. We both said that the decor, the food, the service and the drinks were outstanding considering they had only been open a week. It’s definitely somewhere I will revisit when I go again, particularly for some drinks a night out I think.

Do Jutra, 

NOTE: As this venue is new, there are not many sign posts for it. If you follow the signs for Exit19,pl and go up the stairs, rather than down them, you will see the door to Do Jutra.

Casa De La Musica

I’ve been to Casa De La Musica a few times as it has incredible cocktails and such a good vibe in the evenings with it’s live, Latin music! They have a different cocktail menu in the summer in comparison to the smaller, winter one, however both times I have been there is still a massive selection. As it’s a Havana themed bar 90% of the cocktails involve rum and they are so so good. My favourite was the ‘Casa De La Musica’ cocktail which was a blend of rum, strawberry liquor, passion fruit syrup and peaches. LOVE. 

pogromcy meatow wroclaw

Pogromcy Meatow

Knowing that I wanted to taste some local craft beers, I searched for the best places on Google and came across Pogromcy Meatow, in the main Rynek square. When we walked in we could see all the craft beers lined up on the bar, with 14 different ones to choose from. While we were there they also changed one of the barrels which meant an entirely different beer was put up on the board – I loved this as it meant that you can go back multiple times and never have to try the same beer.

We ended up ordering two tasting boards which meant we got to try 8 different ones. Picking the ones we thought looked the most interesting, I took a picture of the board and we took our seats! I used my photo of the board as a guide to find out what each beer was, and we tasted them one by one. I LOVED the cherry beer (Lindemans Cherry) and if it wasn’t for the fact we had to go and get dinner soon, I would have stayed and drank it all night. Other ones that I really liked were the Sour India Pale Ale, the Mango Wheat and the Oolong Tea beer. The coffee beer, however, was a huge no from me. 

It was so fun getting a mix of different beers to try, that I think I might to do this in each country I go to to try and give me more of a taste for craft beers.

Pogromcy Meatow, Rynek 22, 11-400 Wrocław, Poland


The first two times I went to Poland I kept spotting shot bars, but whenever I walked passed they would be closed as it would be too early to go in. So, this time I made it my mission to go to one and as we were in an Irish bar nearby, it seemed rude not to stop by on our way back to the square. We decided to in Czuptio as I had already seen the menu through the windows when I passed it previously, and I knew they had a MASSIVE selection at only 5 zloty each (about £1.20).

Luckily it wasn’t too busy when we walked in so we were able to stand at the bar the whole time, which meant we were able to order one after another. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it was definitely fun. I can’t remember all of the shots I tried but I did really enjoy the Bob Marley, the Banana Split and the Lollipop. I tend to go for sweet drinks, so these were perfect.

Czupito, Ruska 8, 11-400 Wrocław, Poland

So, there you have my immense guide to food and drink in Wroclaw. I think rather than do a new one each time I revisit I am going to keep adding to this to keep it going, in hopes people which actually use it as a guide when they visit!


Let me know if you try any of my recommendations, or if there is some where you think I should try next time! 

Kirsty Leanne





  • Laura Lovette February 11, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    There’s so many good looking places here! I went to Wroclaw for a friends wedding but I was so young and broke, our budget did not allow for much eating out. I really need to go back and visit. Bubble waffle looks incredible 🙂


    • Kirsty Leanne February 20, 2018 at 1:27 am

      I hope you get to go back and eat all the delicious food, it is so worth it! xx

  • Milly Youngman February 12, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    I’m all about the thin crust so Iggy Pizza looks like somewhere I’d love. I definitely need to visit Wroclaw!

    • Kirsty Leanne February 20, 2018 at 1:35 am

      Yes you do! And when you do pleased take me with you! xx

  • Laura Haley February 19, 2018 at 2:26 am

    Oh MY GOD I NEED a Chimney Cake in my life. I really want to visit Wroclaw this year and if I do I will be writing down all your recommendations for this post so I can eat ALLLL the food.

    • Kirsty Leanne February 20, 2018 at 1:34 am


      I hope you get to visit, if you need any more recs let me know, I have A MILLION!


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