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Booking a Holiday to Dubai: Are you Shoestring or Splurge?

June 26, 2018

Booking a Holiday to Dubai: Are you Shoestring or Splurge?

June 26, 2018

If there is one place that has ALWAYS been high upon my bucket list, but I never thought I’d be able to visit, it’s Dubai. The stunning beaches, amazing buildings and incredible shopping are all obviously calling to me, but I’ve always been under the pressure that it’s an expensive place to visit (especially when it comes to the fancy hotels).

Thanks to Travel Planners and their new interactive tool (which I’ll insert below), I have managed to put together three different trips of completely different budgets, showing you that you actually can visit Dubai on a shoestring if you wanted to. Believe me, I’m very tempted…

So, the three choices the tool lets you pick from are Extravagant, Money to Spare and On a Budget.


Those of you who want to go on a blow out trip to Dubai and spend as much as you can (I wish it was me), the obvious choice would be to stay at the gorgeous Atlantic Palm hotel. One of my bucket list places to stay, this hotel is an absolute Instagram dream but would probably set you back almost £1,200 a night. Totally worth it for the spa, aquarium and celebrity chef though, right? 

When it comes to splashing out on extravagant activities, you could always hire a yacht for £3,000 an hour (the actual dream?), have a 90 minute gold facial for £4,800 and then meet the dolphins at Dolphinarium for £200.

Excuse me while I buy a lottery ticket… 

Money to Spare

When it comes to standard hotels, the best place to look (and my favourite site) is booking.com, as you can easily find something that is both gorgeous and within your budget. Especially if you spend some time researching all of the options.

With activities there are SO MANY different things you can do including visiting the Wafi Mall which is in the shape of pyramids, Ski at the indoor skiing centre for around £70 an hour or take a 4×4 through the famous sand dunes for just under £120.

On a Budget

Believe it or not there are actually plenty of budget hotels in Dubai. I’ve actually spent so long planning my dream trip that I’ve come across some absolute bargains that are still as gorgeous as some of the more expensive places. Shopping around for your dates is the best way to find the cheapest deal, but it’s also worth putting that you’re flexible to find the cheapest possible dates in your chosen time frame.

For activities why not barter yourself some bargains at a souk, visit Al Fahdi (the oldest standing building in Dubai) or take a boat ride for a grand total of 20p!

If you want to find your perfect trip for your budget, you can use the travel planner tool here:

So, who’s coming to Dubai with me then? 

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