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6 Things I Learnt At #BlogAtTheBeach With Icelolly.com

October 4, 2019

6 Things I Learnt At #BlogAtTheBeach With Icelolly.com

October 4, 2019

Last month I had the absolute pleasure of speaking alongside Miss Katy English at the annual #BlogAtTheBeach bloggers event run by icelolly.com. Although I was there to share my knowledge when it comes to building a community, I found myself leaving Manchester having learnt SO MUCH. From learning about the wonder that is Barbados to finding my creative drive when it comes to Instagram, icelolly.com smashed it out of the park AGAIN.

Who are icelolly.com?

Icelolly.com is an online holiday site that allows you to compare deals from various different holiday providers. With leading brands such as Jet2.com, OnTheBeach.com and TUI, you can be sure you’re finding the best possible deal when using their easy-to-use search engine. Depending on what you’re looking for, icelolly.com offers a diverse range of sun, city, ski and cruise holidays.

What did I learn at #BlogAtTheBeach?

Although I learnt A LOT at this years’ #BlogAtTheBeach event, I wanted to share my six key takeaways: 

I REALLY Like Rum Punch

As #BlogAtTheBeach was a Barbados-themed event, we had rum punch by the bucketload. Although I’m used to my rum coming in Pina Colada form, I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed the Caribbean rum punch. It was super sweet and transported me right to a sunny beach with lots of tall palm trees. 

I’m Actually Really Good At Beer Pong

After the main event, icelolly.com threw an epic afterparty with a beer pong tournament. Although our team didn’t win, I discovered my beer pong skills are much better than I thought they were (regardless of the fact they deteriorated as I started to drink more…)

Creativity Is A Muscle 

I’m a HUGE fan of Katy from Miss Katy English so as soon as I found out we were both presenting I knew I needed to take note of EVERYTHING she had to say. With such incredible and creative ideas, Katy is one of the best when it comes to finding your creativity in a highly competitive industry. The one thing that stood out to me in Katy’s presentation was when she said the creativity is muscle. The more you use it, the strong it gets. 

Barbados Is Comparable To Heaven (And It’s Much More Than Beaches And Rum)

As #BlogAtTheBeach was sponsored by the Barbados Tourism Board, we were given a presentation on why Barbados is more than pretty beaches and delicious Rum. I have to admit, before our chat, I was convinced Barbados was a destination for all-inclusive resorts and sunbathing with a cocktail on the beach. How wrong was I?

From incredible festivals and events to delicious food and stunning landscapes, Barbados is actually heaven on earth.

One of the things that stood out to me was when Marc was talking about Barbados was the way in which he spoke about the people that live there. I LOVE getting myself stuck into a community and learning all about their culture and as Barbadian nationals are so friendly, I feel like this is something I’d easily be able to do. From going to local restaurants to shopping in local stores, I’d love to visit Barbados just to hear some of the fascinating stories they have to tell. With a 33% return rate for tourists, they have to be doing something right, don’t they? 

No Matter How Much I Speak In Public, I’ll Still Get Nervous

Although I speak at events regularly, I still find that I’m an absolute bag of nerves before I go up on stage. I don’t know what it is about standing up in front of a room full of people that terrifies me but I’m hoping one day it will get easier. Despite all my nerves, my presentation on building a community went really well and some incredible feedback from those that attended the event. Hopefully, I’ll be sharing my top tips in a blog post too!

Icelolly.com Care About Their Relationships With Influencers And Creators

During the event, icelolly.com gave a talk about how they work with bloggers and creators. With so many brands getting their influencer relations VERY wrong, it’s refreshing to see a brand that wants to work with people in a mutually beneficial way.

From press trips to gifted experiences, there are lots of incredible ways to start off your icelolly.com partnership.

Did you go to #BlogAtTheBeach? Have you ever been to an icelolly.com event before? I’d love to know what you thought! Let me know in the comments below. 



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