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5 Ways Singapore Will Surprise You

October 30, 2019

5 Ways Singapore Will Surprise You

October 30, 2019

Besides being a melting pot of cultures and thriving economic hub, Singapore brings together many elements that blend in unbelievable harmony. You will find ancient buildings alongside contemporary architectural marvels, street eateries, internationally recognized hotels, and many other great things that will excite as well as surprise you.

Here are 5 ways in which Singapore will surprise you:

The country is not just one island but an archipelago

When many people hear about Singapore, they typically think of it as a single island, but what they do not know is that it is an archipelago of 63 islands. There is the main island that is surrounded by 62 offshore islands which include Sentosa, the biggest of the 62 offshore islands, and it is the most built-up of the islands and hosts Universal Studios. Other islands include Pulau Ubin, which is well-known for cycling as well as the Chek Jawa wetland nature reserve, and other islands like St. John’s Island, Sisters’ Island, Kusu Island, and Lazarus Island, which is famous for its serenity and lovely beaches. Visitors can only expect one thing thanks to the many islands: tons of fun in the sun.

It is a city of waterfalls (man-made falls)

Wildlife Reserves Singapore indicates that the first man-made waterfall was built in 1971 at Jurong Bird Park. The fall stands 30 meters tall and is said to be the tallest waterfall in a bird park to date. Besides this, in Singapore, you will find one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls, which stands 35 meters tall and it is situated at the Cloud Forest in the Gardens by the Bay. The world’s tallest indoor waterfall also happens to be in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport. This indoor waterfall is 40 meters high and is known as the “Rain Vortex.” It cascades water through a glass and steel dome in the middle of a lush indoor forest.

You should plan to tour Singapore and catch the sight of these breath-taking features and experience the best of Garden City. To gain access to the city-state, engage One Visa, one of the most reliable visa agents to help you to process your visa hassle-free thanks to their extensive experience.

Singapore is getting bigger

Did you know that a country can expand its land area? Well, Singapore has been growing in size despite it being so small. There has been a lot of land reclamation which has expanded the country’s borders by up to 25% to its present size of 719 square kilometres. Some of the most popular attractions such as the Marina Bay area and the East Coast Park stand on entirely reclaimed land. 

Singapore is one of the greenest cities globally

While some places trade skyscrapers for a green environment, Singapore as a city of skyscrapers is also one that has plenty of lush greenery. Almost half of the country’s land area is covered by green. Other than the many parks and gardens, there are pockets of lesser-known plant life thriving in unusual places. A good example is the PARKROYAL on Pickering, a five-star hotel that is well-known for its hotel-in-a-garden concept and its cascading garden comprised of four storeys. What’s more, is that Singapore has a rich biodiversity in its nature reserves as well and is touted as home to more than 2,100 native plant species.

The city is always celebrating something

As a cosmopolitan city with an advanced infrastructure that is very welcoming to all people, the city is always celebrating one thing or another. You will never lack something to keep you entertained, and with its buzzing nightlife, you can go on a merry-making spree on a vacation or a honeymoon. There are cultural festivals, lifestyle and art events, as well as sports activities that will keep you in high spirits throughout. For example, the annual HSBC World Rugby Singapore Sevens held in April is hosted at the Singapore Sports Hub, which is valued at S$1.3 billion.

Singapore never disappoints thanks to its lively nature, a plethora of natural and artificial attractions, and high level of security provided by the government. The city-state will surprise you in more ways than you can imagine, but best of all is that it will surprise you with how a busy city can be so orderly, spotlessly clean, and with almost zero crime.


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