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5 of the Best Road Trips in the US and How to Prepare

October 5, 2018

5 of the Best Road Trips in the US and How to Prepare

October 5, 2018

Road trips always seem like a magical experience; like something you might expect to find in movies. Riding in a car with friends or your true love, soft top down, with the wind blowing through your hair as you thunder along the freeway into the great wide open! When I think of road trips, I always imagine good times with loved ones and new memories made.

So, perhaps this year for your next travel adventure, you might like to consider taking a road trip. Especially when you hear that 25% of travellers admit to missing a flight — something you can’t do on a road trip, right?! So, combining my love of America and travel, here are 5 of the best road trips you can take across the US of A, and how best to prepare for them.

  1. Route 66


Perhaps the most famous road trip in the whole world. This sprawling and epic adventure will take you through 8 US states, including California, Kansas, Arizona, and Texas, on a nearly 2,500-mile trip. Of course, nobody expects you to do the whole thing, but the option is there!

You might like to hire a car for this one, since it’s along a winding route. If you’re serious about Route 66, you’re going to want plan your route carefully first and make sure you have plenty of fuel, water, and money with you.

  1. Pacific Coast Highway


Another of the memorable road trips across the US has got to be the picture-perfect Pacific Coast Highway. Now, this is the route to take if you want to enjoy some of the natural beauty America has to offer. This Californian route is a gorgeous helping of Western Americana and an absolute goldmine for Instagrammers! I would strongly suggest heading through Big Sur and driving over the iconic Bixby Bridge — you might recognize it from the HBO show Big Little Lies!

  1. Overseas Highway


This Floridian road trip takes you from Key Largo to Key West and has a really beautiful second half of the trip. Okay, so the first part of the journey can be a little dull, but trust me, it’s worth it for the second leg.

You can pass the time with the ultimate road trip playlist, which I think is an essential for anyone planning one of these adventures. You’ll cross a 7-mile bridge here, and enjoy loads of rough, blue ocean scenery. Keep an eye out for scenes out of the movie True Lies.

  1. Great River Road


How about sampling a taste of the true Midwest with the Great River Road route? This is a collection of smaller state roads but still takes you through some of the most breathtaking scenery the country has to offer.

Following the Mississippi River down to the ocean, this is one of the most iconic and visually compelling road trips in the US. If you get the time, you should make stops in New Orleans (for jazz), Wisconsin (for cheese), and Minnesota (for mountains) to get the full experience.

  1. Utah State Route 12


Now, this is probably a great one for those who want to ease their way into US road trips because it’s shorter than the others. It’s only 123 miles, but it is well worth a day trip as you get some stunning beauty on this route, as well as the amazing red rock ridges all along the route. Make sure you make a stop at Bryce Canyon National Park, as this is one of the most interesting and striking national parks in the entire country.

There are so many wonderful opportunity for adventure on the open road in the US, and these are some of the best road trips on offer. Make sure you research thoroughly before setting off and make sure you have supplies with you. Road tripping is an amazing way of bonding with friends and enjoying the outdoors in a different way.

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If you know of any stunning road trips that I haven’t included on the list, please let me know in the comments section below.

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