5 Movies that will Inspire You to Pack Your Bags and Travel

When I am not travelling, I am pretty much thinking about it 24/7. 

Whether that means I am planning my next dream trip, tagging my friends in cheap holiday deals on Facebook or getting lost watching a new movie about travel, it’s pretty much always on my mind.

I was asked to share five movies that have inspired me to pack my bags and travel, so naturally I couldn’t resist this amazing opportunity to spread some major wanderlust…

Whether you’re watching on your iPhone while waiting to board your next flight, watching from your tablet whilst working on your next big project or cosying up home watching on your Oled TV Panasonic, these movies will have you packing your bags immediately.

🎥 Eat Pray Love

I have to admit, I read the book first, but ever since Eat Pray Love was released as a movie, it has been inspiring people to travel, and seek a life or career outside the norm. Don’t watch unless you immediately want to book a flight to Bali afterwards. 

🎥 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Ben Stiller’s character escapes real life by daydreaming an about an alternative one. In this life he is  the hero and travelling the world.

This film is definitely an awesome reminder that life is it’s own amazing adventure, and sometimes we just need to be pushed outside of our comfort zones.

🎥 Into the Wild

Based on the incredible book by John Krakuaer, Into the Wild takes you on a journey with Christopher McCandless as he travels across America, finally settling in Alaska.

The movie tells the fascinating tale of the all of the different people he meets and touches along the way, at the same time as chronicling the heartbreak of his family back home, who can’t seem to understand why he donating his entire life’s savings to charity.

🎥 Up

Okay, so I get that an animated movie about an old man, his flying house, and a magical talking dog is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about travel movies, but surprisingly this had me feeling like I should book my next adventure. The movie shoes that having the courage to make your travel dreams come true is important, with an inspiring tale about making travel dreams a reality, no matter how old you are.

🎥 Eurotrip

A little different to the other options, however this feel good comedy will have you wanting to book a trip to Europe with your mates before they’ve even left for London. The tongue-in-cheek feel to the whole movie is exactly like what travelling with your friends is like, so if you’re one fun-filled adventures, definitely give this a watch.

What are you favourite travel movies? 

Kirsty Leanne



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