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3 Fantastic Far Flung Trips For Those With Adventurous Hearts

August 3, 2018

3 Fantastic Far Flung Trips For Those With Adventurous Hearts

August 3, 2018

If like me, you spend much of your time looking at travel guides, and holidays and wishing you could just pick up your bag and go exploring the globe, you probably have an adventurous heart. This is, of course, a wonderful thing, but it does mean that sometimes a trip to the UK seaside for fish and chips on a windswept pier just doesn’t cut it. Instead, every so often your heart longs for places that are more far-flung, exotic, and exciting. Something that you can read more about in my post below.


First off if wanderlust is tugging at your heartstrings you may wish to consider a trip to the fascinating country of Peru in South America. It is a location that you can reach directly from the UK which is a plus, and the language, culture, and scenic differences will undoubtedly mean that it is exotic enough to feel like you have genuinely explored somewhere new.

There are some marvellous adventures to be had in this part of the world as well, including climbing Machu Picchu and exploring the ancient dry stone city that sits atop its peak.

You may also want to head over to the arid Nazca desert and explore the immense lines carved into the ground there. Some folks say these are landing guide for spaceships, although their exact purpose will likely never be fully revealed.


Of course, South America may not float your boat regarding exploring, and if this is the case then what about visiting the content of Africa instead? In particular, the country of Tanzania is a popular choice, due in part to the fact that the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro is located there.

Kilimanjaro is, not a mountain per say, but an active volcano that has three distinct peak or cones. It is the tallest summit in the African content and as the snow caps atop the summit are declining year by year, visiting this spectacular site is something you should do sooner, rather than later.

Of course, it’s not just Kilimanjaro that attracts travellers to Tanzania, but the wide-ranging Serengeti as well. A place where you will find all sorts of flora and fauna including elephants and wildebeests making it the perfect location for a safari.


Lastly of all, if Africa and South America cannot sate your wanderlust, then perhaps Asia will? Specifically, why not try the remote and mountainous region of Nepal, as it is not only beautiful but peppered with cultural, historical sites to see as well.

One such sight is Swayambhunath located just outside the acacia Kathmandu. Swayambhunath is a temple complex built by Buddhists and contains many decorative statues and stupas covered in gold.

Then there is the stunning Tilicho Lake close to the city of Pokhara. You will be dazzled by its beauty and deep blue colour. Although as snow-capped peaks surround it, so do remember to dress up warm if you want to spend some time there soaking up the wonderful atmosphere.

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