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A Guide To Your Maldives Honeymoon

July 4, 2019

A Guide To Your Maldives Honeymoon

July 4, 2019

When it comes to booking a honeymoon, is there anything more luxurious than the Maldives?

With white sand beaches, over 1,200 islands and some of the world’s most prestigious resorts, there is no better place to celebrate your new marriage.

Although booking your Maldives honeymoon may be an incredibly exciting time, you need to ensure you’re doing everything you can to let it run as smoothly as possible. Whether it’s booking the right flights, finding the perfect accommodation or making sure you have plenty to do when you get there. The more organised you are, the better.

With that in mind, here is a mini guide to your Maldives honeymoons

How To Get There

When it comes to getting to the Maldives, things can be a little trickier than your average holiday. Although you can catch a flight from most major UK airports, once you get to a certain point you will have to get on a seaplane. You will need to fly to either Male, Columbia or Sri Lanka and then you can go from there.

In most cases, you won’t have to wait much longer than 2 hours for your transfer.

Where To Stay

There are over 1,2000 islands in the Maldives, meaning there are a lot of different places for you to stay. Although some of the islands are uninhabited and others are private resorts, there is plenty of choices when it comes to hotels.

With so much choice, the best thing to do is think about what facilities you want and search for hotels based on your requirements. Whether you want a swim-up bar or a fully-equipped gym, chances are you’ll find something for everyone. For those that want an authentic Maldives experience, you may want to book yourself into a water villa. Although they are much more expensive, it’s one of the best ways to celebrate your special occasion – even if you book for just one night. 

If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, why not consider staying at the Six Senses Laamu? This sustainable resort has some of the most stunning ocean villas in the Maldives, with most of its bookings made up of excited honeymooners.

What To Do

When it comes to the Maldives, people often think that there is not a lot to do there.

Whilst you can take the time to relax in your stunning ocean villa for the entirety of your trip, there are also lots of different excursions you can go on to help you explore the region.

With incredible activities such as island hopping, snorkelling, diving, fishing and surfing, you can be sure that there is plenty of adventures waiting for you should you want to leave the comfort of your resort. With some of the best marine life in the world, the watersports are definitely worth looking in to. When it comes to land activities, exploring the islands is definitely the best place to start.

Are you thinking of honeymooning in the Maldives? Where will you be staying? What will you do whilst you’re there?



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