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The Best Places To Buy Clothes For Plus Size Travel

August 12, 2019

The Best Places To Buy Clothes For Plus Size Travel

August 12, 2019

This post is not affiliated with any brands, however, it may contain a number of affiliate links. Whilst I make a small amount of commission from each purchase, the prices you pay will be standard.

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to the best places to buy plus size clothes for travel, you have definitely come to the right place. This ‘tried and tested’ list is filled with lots of ideas, giving you the perfect excuse to fill your suitcase with lots of new purchases before you travel!

One of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to travelling whilst plus size is where do you find all of your amazing clothes? Whether I’m looking for a cosy flight outfit, something comfortable enough to hike in or an outfit for a night of cocktails - I like to think I’ve built up a great list of places to shop for potential travel outfits over the past few years. 


SimplyBe are definitely one of my favourite retailers when it comes to plus size fashion for travel as they always have such a wide range of options available. With various different brands stocked on their site, it won’t take long before you’ve found like your entire holiday wardrobe. Although they can be on the pricier side, you will be investing in clothes that will last years.

Price Range: ££ - £££

Sizes: 8 - 38

Website: www.simplybe.co.uk

ASOS Curve

Similar to SimplyBe, ASOS has a wide range of different brands available on their site. Although I do order from the other brands on the site sometimes, I much prefer the ASOS Curve brand. Their clothes are affordable and incredibly comfortable, especially when it comes to their dresses.

Price Range: ££ - £££

Sizes: 8 - 34

Website: www.asos.com 


I know Shein has a lot of mixed reviews but I ABSOLUTELY love shopping here. I think I have only had one or two dud items in all of my orders and for the price you pay, the quality is actually really high. If you’re worried about sizing, make sure you’re checking the measurements of each item as they can vary a lot.

Price Range: £ - ££

Sizes: XL - 5XL

Website: www.shein.co.uk

Fashion World

Fashion World are part of the same family as SimplyBe and so stock a lot of the same things, depending on the brands. With sizes from 8-38, Fashion World really does have one of the widest ranges of clothes online.

Price Range: ££ - £££

Sizes: 8-38

Website: www.fashionworld.co.uk

Boohoo Curve

If you’re looking for cute dresses, slogan tees and more playsuits than you can ever imagine, Boohoo Curve is a great place to shop. Not only are their clothes affordable, but they regularly update their new stock each and every week. It’s high-fashion and high-quality, with regular sales and discount offers for you to take advantage of.

Price Range: £ - ££

Sizes: 2 - 24

Website: www.boohoo.com

Pretty Little Thing Plus

Pretty Little Thing is similar to Boohoo in the sense that you can buy high-fashion clothes at an affordable price. With gorgeous summer dresses, on-trend skirts and plenty of festival fashion, PLT is great for those that want to look INCREDIBLE whilst they travel.

Pretty Little Thing also stock a wide range of work-out gear for plus sizes, most of which is ideal for travel. Whether you’re hiking or you’re looking for a cute flight outfit, their work-out range is definitely one of the best.

Price Range: £ - ££

Sizes: 8 - 24

Website: www.prettylittlething.com

Missguided Curve

Missguided is another high-fashion retailer, with a growing plus size range. Although they have only recently re-launched their curve section, Missguided has a really great selection to choose from. From fun co-ords to on-trend denim dresses, I could easily spend hours scrolling through and choosing everything I wanted.

Price Range: £ - ££

Sizes: 16 - 28

Website: www.missguided.co.uk


This might seem like a really odd choice when it comes to plus size fashion, but truth be told, I absolutely love buying clothes from Amazon. Although they don’t have a wide selection and you have to hunt to find the best quality, Amazon is great when it comes to affordable swimwear, dresses and comfortable bras.

Price: £ - ££

Sizes: XL -  5XL

Website: www.amazon.co.uk


eBay is very similar to Amazon in the sense you have to really search to find the best deals. There is a huge selection of plus size clothing to choose from, however, a lot of it is low quality and odd sizing. Although tricky, I have found some incredible bargains for my travels on eBay. From summer dresses to bargain swimwear, if you know how to find what you’re looking for, eBay can be a great tool for travel.

Price: £ - ££

Sizes: XL - 5XL

Website: www.eBay.co.uk

Yours Clothing

If you’re looking for comfortable and stylish plus size clothes for your travels, Yours Clothing is a great option. Although they’re not one of the most affordable choices on the list, they’re definitely one of the best when it comes to quality. Whether I’m looking for well-fitting swimwear or gorgeous dresses, Yours Clothing is often one of the first places I look.

Price: ££ - £££

Sizes: 16 - 36

Website: www.yoursclothing.co.uk


Lovedrobe is another great site when it comes to dresses! Although they sell lots of other clothing, I’m always drawn to the stunning dresses they stock. Whether you’re after something comfortable for a warm holiday or something stylish for a city break, Lovedrobe is definitely worth checking out.

Price: £ - ££

Sizes: 12 - 32

Website: www.lovedrobe.co.uk

ASDA George

I love shopping at ASDA George as it’s one of the only places I go into the store and know that they’re going to have stuff that fits me. I always end up taking so much into the fitting room as most of the time it’s a novelty to be able to try things on. With so many incredible things to choose from, ASDA is definitely a go-to when I’m shopping for travel. Particularly, when it comes to skirts and dresses.

Price: £ - ££

Sizes: 8 - 24

Website: www.direct.asda.com/george

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is a brand I didn’t know did plus size clothing until recently, but I’m so glad I discovered it as they came in so handy during my recent trip to America. They have affordable clothes of high quality and when it comes to travel, they’re so so comfortable. I love their jumpsuits and shorts, as both were super comfortable when it comes to wandering around hot cities all day.

Price: £ - £££

Sizes: 16 - 28 

Website: www.dorothyperkins.com

Pink Clove

Pink Clove is another affordable brand that stock plus size clothes up to size 28. Although they don’t regularly update their range as often as PLT and Boohoo, they can still be classed as high fashion. With lots of dresses and jumpsuits, Pink Clove is ideal for buying your ‘going-out’ or evening outfits.

Price: £ - ££

Sizes: 16 - 28 

Website: www.pinkclove.co.uk


Although Primark is not knowing for having a plus size clothing range, they are starting to increase their sizes when it comes to certain items. Most of the size 22 - 24 range includes tees, leggings and comfy trousers - all of which is ideal for travel!

I love to stock up on comfy stuff for when I’m boarding a plane or spending the day travelling, and Primark is perfect for this. I’ve also noticed that a lot of their dresses come up a little big, meaning it’s easy to pick your way through things that will fit you. Stretchy dresses and oversized jumpsuits are always a winner!

Price: £ - ££

Sizes: 8 - 24

Website: www.primark.com

Where do you shop for your plus size clothes for travel? Have I missed anywhere off the list? 


  • MrsShilts August 12, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    I bought a lot of dresses from Shein this year and have loved them. I also got a few playsuits from Next which were super comfy


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