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SheIn Plus Size Range, Is It Worth It? | Plus Size Fashion

November 2, 2018

SheIn Plus Size Range, Is It Worth It? | Plus Size Fashion

November 2, 2018

I always see a million and one ads for SheIn on my Facebook, so when I was looking for summer clothes in Autumn (for a trip to Croatia), I felt like it was worth a shot. 

Although I know a lot of people are against fast fashion sites like these due to their bad quality, I did my research and SheIn seemed to be coming out top - with only a few warnings about sizing.

Luckily, I came prepared and I measured EVERYTHING and purchased things based on them measurements rather than their sizes - which honestly is the main piece of advice I’d give anyone looking to purchase from them.

I ordered seven items all together - three of which were a (not-so) boater hat, a leopard print scarf and a woven bag ’cause fashion. 

I didn’t have any problems with the scarf and the bag, however, the boater hat was a little bit bigger than I was expecting, and I lost the black ribbon halfway through my trip.

The four clothing items I bought were a red and white striped midi dress, a blue buttoned skater dress, a black check midi dress and a blue and white stripy dress. Honestly, I didn’t plan on buying so many stripes, but they were the items I felt were most suitable for a late-season trip to Croatia.

As I was in a bit of a rush to get my parcel I paid £12 for express delivery (10 days), totalling £80 altogether. Not bad, considering. 

When I opened the package I was confused straight away as I was given a green dress?! Definitely not what I ordered, but seems the blue and white stripy dress was intact a light green colour. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. 

Having done my research before I knew the sizes were all over the place, so I actually ended up ordering the red midi in a 1XL rather than my usual 4XL, even then it came up huge. I think with the belt around it was okay, and was actually pretty comfortable for walking around in the sun. My verdict? Not bad considering I paid a tenner, but probably my least favourite out of the four clothing items I bought.

The blue stripy midi with the buttons going up the front was DEFINITELY my favourite. It was quite a big fit, but I think it looked okay and was incredibly airy for a warm trip. It looked super cute too, so will definitely be buying more in this style! 

I actually ended up wearing this dress a few times on the trip, one of which was the day we caught in the rain. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Basically, the material of the dress meant that as soon as it cleared and the sun hit, the dress dried SO QUICK.

My second favourite dress from the order was the black checkered midi, although I feel like this may have been a bit too warm and I may stick to wearing it in England instead (it’s super cute with my Vans). As well as being a great fit and design, the material for this dress is really heavy, but actually very good quality! I was so surprised! SO MUCH nicer than the red midi I bought. 

Finally, the should-be-blue-green-skater-dress. The first time I tried this on I HATED it. I didn’t think it fit right and I was unsure I’d even wear it, especially if I couldn’t get the creases out with the iron. To be honest, it definitely didn’t iron well but I gave up and packed it anyway. I’m so glad I did as I actually felt so much better in this when I put it on the second time. It’s my chub rub pants on underneath and my not-so-boater-hat I actually felt pretty confident and cute. I even took my favourite picture from the trip in this dress, which says a lot.

Overall, I actually dead impressed, which surprises me! When I planned on doing this post I was expecting it to be an absolute fail, but 7/7 items is good going for my first ever order. 

I think looking at the measurements definitely helped me as I had to get rid of a lot of 4XL things that were not suitable, so if I didn’t know that I’d have been buying loads that wouldn’t have fit at all. Luckily that didn’t happen, so I’ll definitely be placing another order! 

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