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Plus Size Summer Wishlist

July 20, 2018

Plus Size Summer Wishlist

July 20, 2018

I know we’re now well into summer, but the gorgeous weather we’re having has got my wishing I had a wardrobe that was a bit more suitable for 30 degree heat. 

Of course I have a ‘holiday wardrobe’ stashed somewhere in a suitcase in the loft, but there are definitely some staples I am missing and some bits I want, but don’t necessarily need…


I WISH we all had pools in our garden in the UK, but as I have a couple of warmer holidays coming up over the next few months I really need to stock up on swimwear! I have a million swimdresses, however lately I’ve started branching out and wearing two pieces and regular swimming costumes. I am actually *hoping* that things will go into the sale before I head to Croatia in October, as it means I can get so much more for my money. 

I’ve already got my eye ones from ASOS, Boohoo, Evans and SimplyBe…

Cotton Skater and Wrap Dresses

These are an absolute staple for me in the summer as not only are they comfortable, but they keep me cool. Although I have enough skater and wrap dresses to last me a thousand summers, I honestly don’t think that’s enough as they so versatile - I actually end up wearing them all year round.

Cotton fabric is a type of natural fabrics that combines perfect tactile properties and splendid designs, it’s amazing for summer as it is so lightweight and airy. For more information visit tissura.com.

Maxi and Midi Skirts

I don’t know how, but I have managed to go the entire year without purchasing a single maxi or midi skirt so far. They used to be my main summer staple, however I haven’t really worn them this year (barring the one I have on in this post here). Having discovered I love them with a tied tee, I really want to get myself a couple more before the warm weather disappears.


I really really really want a co-ord and I’m yet to find one I like enough to buy. A decent, patterned co-ord has been on my wishlist for so so long, that I think I’ve probably looked at every single plus size one going. I WILL find the perfect one, I will!

Palazzo Trousers

One of the comfiest things known to man, and I definitely don’t have enough of them! I’ve seen so many pairs that I want over the last few weeks, but I’ve been sticking to my comforts with skirts and dresses.

Maxi Dresses

A couple of years ago the only thing I would wear in the summer is a maxi dress. They were super comfortable and I didn’t feel self conscious wearing them. Obviously things have changed a little bit now that I’ve learnt to love my body as it is, however my love for maxi dresses hasn’t completely disappeared. Sometimes, they’re absolutely perfect.

Skater Skirts

Possibly one of my favourite things in the whole world, I really can’t have enough skater skirts. I love wearing them with crop tops, tied tees and slogan tees. They’re so so versatile and amazingly light and airy when it is unbearably warm. 


A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, am I right? I love a good pair of Converse or boots, but when it has been hitting 28 degrees almost every day my feet definitely need to breathe. I’m living in sandals at the moment and have found that even the cheaper ones from Primark have been surviving the days where I’m out walking all day, so I really want to stock up on some more. I’m getting to the point where I wish I could wear them all year round, as they’re so so comfy.

What’s on your summer wishlist? 

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