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Plus Size Festival Fashion With Pretty Little Thing

May 4, 2019

Plus Size Festival Fashion With Pretty Little Thing

May 4, 2019

When it comes to finding plus size festival fashion, choices can be a bit limited. I could spend hours scrolling through the Coachella hashtag marvelling at all of the amazing outfits but when it comes to finding something that would fit me, a quick browse of my favourite stores would leave me feeling disheartened and disappointed.

That was until I started shopping at Pretty Little Thing.

Over the past few years, the plus size festival range at Pretty Little Thing has grown A LOT. From very little in the way of festival wear to having a full dedicated section, plus size festival-lovers can now look just as good as everyone else.

To put the new plus PLT range to the test, I picked myself up a few outfits for a festival-inspired shoot in a local field.

Armed with glitter and flower crowns, I created two of my favourite LOOKS ever.


The first outfit I chose was designed to push me way out of my comfort zone. Although I’m becoming much more confident than I have ever been when it comes to my body, there are certain things that I can still find it hard to do at times. One of my biggest insecurities? Showing my VBO (visible belly outline).

So yeah, the first outfit I chose meant I would have my VBO out on full show in a tight pink leopard print dress. I LOVE leopard print so I felt as though it would help when it came to facing my VBO insecurities and I was definitely right. The dress was so so comfortable and I found that even though I was prancing around in a field taking photos, I didn’t have to readjust it once.

To pair with the leopard print dress, I chose a matching pink leopard print long length kimono. I love co-ords, so it was an obvious choice when looking through the festival outfits section on the website. I’m in love with the Kimono and love that I can wear it as part of another outfit, minimising space when packing for a festival! I’m thinking of pairing it with a body and some denim shorts. 



My second outfit was very me. A bright yellow maxi dress, chunky patent boots and a flower crown is a vibe I can totally get behind, whether I’m at a festival or not.

Although the dress was a little bit big when it came to my chest area, I was able to pin it in a way that stayed put throughout the entire shoot. Other than that, the outfit was absolutely perfect and definitely something I would be packing in my festival suitcase.

My favourite thing, I’m not going to lie, is the high thigh split that made me feel much sexier than I normally do. After that, the next best thing was the INCREDIBLE boots. I mean, how perfect are they?

Overall I am SO SO thankful for Pretty Little Thing putting together a festival range that also caters to a plus size audience. For years I put off going to a festival because I didn’t think I’d fit in without a full-on festival outfit to wear, but now it’s a thing of the past! Roll on the first festival of the season! 


*The clothes in this place were gifted to me by Pretty Little Thing in return for a blog post.




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