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Making the Most of the Last Summer Sun with Yours Clothing

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I am having a bit of blog-crisis at the moment. Although I am loving creating content, I am struggling to find me place in both the plus size industry and the travel industry separately. There are not many UK Plus Size Travel Bloggers out there, so I am feeling a little bit stuck in the middle, like I don’t have a ‘definitive audience’.

Instead, I kind of just ‘exist’ in both worlds. 

Whilst this is okay, I wasn’t really catering for this on my blog – that is, until now.

I’ve decided that as well as travel content, I am going to start publishing a lot more plus size related content. Whether it be a list of things I’m lusting after, a round up of what I’ve been wearing or a whole post dedicated to cute jumper.

That being said, I really wanted to talk about these two awesome jumpsuits from Yours Clothing.

I have been featuring Yours Clothing on my blog for a LONG TIME now, and as one of my favourite plus size brands I had high expectations for these new arrivals – the Polka Culotte Jumpsuit* and Leopard Print Culotte Jumpsuit*.

Knowing I love Yours Clothing jumpsuits (you can see my favourite on here*), I was so excited to try these out, thinking they’d be a similar fit. When I opened them up I soon realised they were a little bit different so of course, I panicked thinking they wouldn’t be the right fit for me, especially as I have a long body and short legs. 

Luckily, they both fit, although they were riding up a little higher than the black and one stripey one I’d previously tried. This wasn’t an issue, it just meant occasionally I’d have to pull the back down again (what’s fashion without a bit of work, huh?).

As amazing as I felt in both jumpsuits, the ONLY thing I would say is they made me very very very aware of my belly.

Now, I have come a long way the last few months in terms of body confidence. I haven’t always loved my body but I have started to realise that what I used to consider flaws, are actually the things that make me me. 

Although I have gained a lot more confidence than I used to have, I still occasionally worry about certain aspects of my body – in this case it was how visible my belly was. It took me a few hours of walking around to stop fiddling with the fabric around my stomach, and a lot of laughs with my boyfriend while taking shots, for me to realise that it didn’t matter that my stomach was on show AT ALL.

If I didn’t look so happy in the photos, I may have discarded them a few months ago, however you really can tell that in that moment I was truly happy and comfortable with me self – which is exactly why I shared them, and why I love the jumpsuits. 

Kirsty Leanne


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