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Exploring my Home Town with ELVI Clothing | Plus Size Fashion

For a travel blogger, it’s hard not to feel like I always need to be travelling.

Well, as much as I’d like to, it’s just not possible.

For starters, I don’t earn anywhere enough to be jetting off, but the main reason is that I actually enjoy the time I have at home to recharge.

I enjoy evenings with my boyfriend watching whatever TV series we are obsessing over at the time. I enjoy spending time with my gorgeous cat. I enjoy cooking meals at home. I enjoy seeing my friends and family AND I enjoy working from the comfort of my sofa….

But how do I get over that feeling that I always need to be somewhere exciting, or always on it when it comes to creating content?

Its taking some time, but I think slowly I’m getting there by realising that my home town can be just as exciting as somewhere new.

Despite being here my of my life (besides short stints in London and California), there are still places I haven’t explored – as well as rediscovering places I used to love as a child.

With beautiful towns like Ironbridge, Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth just seconds away I’m never short of places to go – even just outside my door is one of the best panoramic views of the Wrekin and the countryside that surrounds it.

What I am Wearing

As I’ve recently moved house I decided that a couple of days ago we’d take a walk right outside our doorstep to see what is nearby. Just seconds away we ended up finding the most perfect light, which when paired with my brands new ELVI dress , made for the most beautiful pictures.

Before now, I’d never tried ELVI but I can honestly see why SO MANY plus size bloggers love their clothes. They gave such stunning and unique pieces, including this gorgeous dress.

I choose this as I felt it was the perfect subtle pattern for transitioning into Autumn. It can be paired perfectly with either tights and boots, or sandals like I have here. I’m even sure you could dress it up with some heels or down with converse, but I’ve not tried that just yet….

Overall I’m incredibly impressed with the design, the style, the quality and the wearability of the dress. It’s definitely my style and it’s making me VERY excited to see what’s next from ELVI.

Have you tried ELVI before?

Kirsty Leanne


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