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Croatia Packing List for Plus Size Travelers | Plus Size Travel

October 5, 2018

Croatia Packing List for Plus Size Travelers | Plus Size Travel

October 5, 2018

I’m currently sat in my living room surrounding by clothes, toiletries and a million other random holidays items because I’M GOING TO CROATIA. 

I’m feeling super organised as I’m packing at least 12 hours before I normally would, which has actually given me enough time to write up this post as I pack!


It can be overwhelming to know what to take with you when it comes to clothes you’re travelling, especially as a plus size traveller. I thought I’d help by sharing my packing lists for wherever I go! This time, we’re talking Croatia!


Comfortable Tops – An absolute must for countries like Croatia as a light airy top means you can walk around for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

Comfortable Trousers - Whether that means palazzo trousers, culottes or thin leggings, something comfortable is ideal for travelling and days where you’re going to be doing a lot of walking.

Maxi Dresses – I love maxi dresses when on holiday as they look cute, and they’re airy enough for the hot weather. I’ve packed a few to go with me on this trip! My favourites are from SimplyBe!

Dresses/Skirts – Dresses and skirts are perfect for a day of exploring, going to the beach and spending evenings at the bar. You can find some absolutely stunning ones on the Espirit website here, perfect for visiting Croatia in all seasons and all occasions! From maxi dresses to skater, there is definitely a lot of choice. 

Jumpers - Sometimes the evenings can be a little colder, so a jumper is a must if you’re going to be outside late at night!

Swimwear –  When it comes to swimwear, as a plus size traveller I find that I feel much more comfortable in swimdresses, swimming costumes and tankinis. For an idea of what I usually wear check out my ‘What I Wore in Bali’ post.

Sarongs/Kaftans – As I’m visiting Croatia at the start of October, it’s probably not going to be as warm as I’d like. For that reason, I’m going to be taking a couple of sarongs and kaftans with me.

Light Pjs –  Warm cosy pjs when it’s going to be 25 degrees outside are not ideal, so I suggest something short, lightweight and comfy.

Anti Chaffing Shorts – I wear these throughout summer, but on holiday they are an absolute god send! As a plus size traveller, I majorly suffer from chub rub and so these shorts help stop my legs rubbing together in the heat. I tend to have a couple of different pairs from 3 quarter length leggings to cycle shorts.

Comfortable Walking Shoes – I like cute sandals as much as the next person, but when it comes to an active holiday comfortable shoes are so so important.

Sandals/Flipflops – I think this one is quite self explanatory! I tend to get wide fit, especially as my feet swell the warmer it is!

Beach Bag – I’m going to be visiting the beach quite a lot during my trip to Croatia, so a beach bag is absolutely vital! As we’ll be spending quite a while at the beach, I’m thinking the bigger the bag the better!

Backpack – When I’m going to be spending the day walking around a lot, a backpack seems to be a much better options for carrying around all my things. I always have my cheap Kanken copy from eBay on me, which seems to do the trick! 

Sunglasses – With it being so bright, sunglasses are an absolute must for every day use!

Underwear – Not sure I really need to explain this one but yeah, you’re gonna need underwear, bras and socks for your trip.


Shampoo and Conditioner – I always take a good quality shampoo and conditioner on holiday as the heat and sea water often damages my hair.

Body Wash – Self explanatory.

Shaving Cream and Razor – As I’m going to be in Croatia a week, I’m definitely going to need to take shaving cream and a razor, especially as I’m going to be in swimwear and short dresses a lot of the time.

Deodorant – Again, I don’t think I need to explain this one. I take a roll on in my hand luggage and a regular sized deodorant in my checked bag.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush – Standard holiday essentials.

Hairbrush, Bands and Grips – With it being around 25 degrees each day, I’m going to be clipping my hair back most of the time!


Anti Sickness Tablets – This is for those that suffer with travel sickness, especially if you’re going to be hopping between the Croatian islands on a boat.

First Aid Kit – I am so clumsy something is bound to happen while I’m travelling, so having a small first aid kit on hand is a great way to make sure you’re prepped for the minor accidents.

Sun Cream and After Sun – As I’m fair skinned, sun cream is an absolute must when I’m travelling to hot countries - as I am sure it is for lots of other people. It’s also worth packing after sun and aloe vera gel to help moisturise your skin and treat burns if you get any.

Bug Repellent and Antihistamines – Last time I went to Croatia I had a big reaction when I got bitten, so I would definitely recommend packing bug repellent and antihistamines to anyone travelling there!

Lip Balm – Perfect for protecting your lips in Croatia’s very hot sun!


Power Banks – A portable power bank is the perfect way to keep your phone charged the entire time you’re out.

Camera and Memory Cards – If you’re not using your phone for photos, don’t forget to take your camera! I also pack a few memory cards too, just in case I WAY more photos than expected.

European Adapter – To be able to use any of your appliances, you’re going to need a European adapter plug (unless you’re from Europe of course).

Extension Lead – Rather than taking a million adapters, I pack an extension lead with me where ever I go. This means I can charge all of my devices at once!

Straighteners/Curlers – Not a necessity due to the fact your hair will probably curl as soon as you leave your hotel, but nice to have with you regardless.


Beach Towel – Always a necessity, especially when Croatia has so many beautiful beaches to visit!

Pool Float – Probably not a must, but definitely something you’ll want to take if you’re planning on going to a pool/beach.

What would you put on your Croatia packing list? 

Kirsty Leanne


  • Laura October 21, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    Great post Kirsty! Croatia was SO hot when I visited so it was definitely all about the comfort x


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