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EasyJet | The Most Plus-Size Friendly Budget Airline? | Plus Size Travel

February 14, 2019

EasyJet | The Most Plus-Size Friendly Budget Airline? | Plus Size Travel

February 14, 2019

It’s not very often I find an airline where absolutely everything was plus size friendly, but I was pleasantly surprised by EasyJet on my recent trip to Fuerteventura for some winter sun. 

As I have had so many terrible experiences flying with budget airlines (Ryanair I am looking at you), I was incredibly worried about a four-hour flight back from the Canary Islands - so much so I asked one of the other girls if they would trade seats with me so I wasn’t a middle.

As I walked onto the plane I could tell almost instantly that it was going to be more comfortable than the journey there as I couldn’t even get my armrest down on our TUI flight. The cabin felt spacious and by some miracle, I was able to comfortably walk down the aisle with my suitcase and NOT bump into anyone. I don’t think that has ever happened before.

At first, I was sitting next to one of the other girls who had been on my trip and even with three of us on the row, I felt like I had plenty of room. The armrests didn’t press down on me, my knees weren’t cramped and I wasn’t squashed against the window. It would have been a bit uncomfortable after four hours maybe, but I was so surprised at how different it was to other budget airlines I had used.

After an announcement that we were a little delayed by an air traffic strike, I grabbed my stuff and moved to one of the empty rows so I could have even more room. Honestly, it’s comfiest I’ve ever been on a flight, EVER.

Once the seatbelt sign went on I grabbed mine expecting there to be a disappointing aspect to the flight somewhere, but again the belt fit comfortably and even at a size 24 I still had room to move and breathe. In the past, I have had to squeeze myself into my seatbelt and it can be quite painful when it digs into you, so I was amazed it fit so well.

Another thing I noticed was that the tray tables were positioned much higher than any other airline I have ever been on. Usually, when I put my tray table down I can’t get it to go straight as it rests on my stomach, but there was a HUGE gap between me and the table which was absolutely amazing.

I didn’t end up visiting the bathroom as I need to but if the rest of the plane is anything to go by, then I imagine it would have been more spacious than most.

I am so so surprised by how incredibly plus size friendly the plane was and it’s really changed my opinion about the brand and about budget airlines, as it’s clear they’re not always the same! I’m 100% going to look at flying with them more often as there is nothing worse than an awful flight, especially when you have to do it as often as I do!

Have you ever flown with EasyJet? What was your experience like?


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